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  1. Thanks for the advice. I bought a few sounds (like the olympia choir) without realising that I needed kontakt 5. Are there any synth/choir/orchestral suggestions? Because I'm looking since ages.
  2. Ok a friend of mine has kontakt 5 the full version and so far I find it really awesome and want to get it (mainly as a sampler and some third party synths I bought and didnt realised they need kontakt to work) but I seen that it costs LOADS and that there is a free version called Kontakt 5 player so is it worth buying (what is it you actually buy) or will the free version good enough?
  3. Ok I asked about the live recordings as they might of transposed it for that actor. I remember trying to sing Gerard Butlers parts and failed miserably XD then I found out I am a bass baritone in any case your vocal range should expand with warm ups and practice. Lol sorry for going off topic
  4. Fantastic someone who actually knows they're octaves (sorry I'm use to the fact that people simply refer to it as "this many" off middle C). Anyway you sound like your a contralto so hitting those notes should be fine for you, are you listening to the song/songs from cd's or live recordings?
  5. what is your vocal range by the way?
  6. Ok so I have slightly improved on my pitch and it all sounds better in general (except for scream pitch) only concern now is that I cant change the strength dynamic (if that makes any sense at all). I use as practice songs Metallica - nothing else matters, Killswitch Engage - My last serenade (mainly for screams as his higher notes are m breaking notes) and avenged sevenfold - shepard of fire.
  7. Only the blending excersizes did but thanks that might be quite helpful.
  8. Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes. For a while now I've been trying to sing and scream. Now with singing I don't know how to use my muscles (according to two singing teachers) and with screaming I got very little Pitch control so obviously I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone know how I can possibly improve any of it? I got some warm ups but I don't think I'm doing them right or using the right muscles, HELP!!
  9. Welcome to the forums xdenzleed :)

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