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Johnathon B Goode

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    I only screw around recording with my loop pedal and Music creator 6
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    Anything with a groove, I like blues, funk, jazz, rock, lots you have to take it all in lol

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    Music >.> Plants and nature and conservation and all of that, exercise and bush walking and stuff.
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  1. I thank you for the help, I will try using my ZM-mic1 (LOL) and Music Creator 6 to mess around and try figure out what I'm doing before I go any further Thank you again and I'm sorry I only just realised this should probably be posted in the hardware section.
  2. Hello, I was hoping someone here would be able to please tell me what I need to record bass/guitar/keyboard onto my desktop. I've been trying to make sense of this process and I'm wondering if I can plug a guitar straight into an audio interface (with a Hi-Z input?) then into the computer and record using the software that comes with the interface, or do I need a microphone etc. please can someone telll me what to do ?
  3. I like nature lol, I love the balance and cycle of it all. it's truly brutal but also beautiful, it helps me deal with mortality. Someone told me (I don't like it) that the human brain doesn't really come up with new ideas, it just pieces together what you already know. But I was thinking, if we misunderstand how something works and then try to build off that, then that's like a new idea. So I guess when you see something new that you don't understand, just try to figure out how it works on your own first and see what you can come up with.
  4. Welcome to the forums Johnathon B Goode :)

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