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    Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, The Beachboys, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, I'll stop there because there's still quite a bit. I'm influenced by most of the music from 0 A.D. to 1980 A.D. Which is quite a lot!

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    Composing music, writing lyrics, listening to just about all music genres except; Christian, rap/hip hop, modern pop, modern rock, modern country, punk, and 2-3 others I can't think of at the moment.
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    United States of America
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  1. Hi, I was wondering how many people on songstuff forums have written a/some concept albums. And if so, how do you come up with a story and go about telling it? Much wondering, -Holz
  2. It's come and go with me. I'll have periods of a few days to a month or two where I'm writting lyrics or lyric ideas (one line) at least once a day. Most of my lyrics, about 80-90% are written within 10-20 minutes sometimes faster, sometimes slower. The time it takes me to write really depends on what I'm writting about. If I feel strong about it, i write it pretty quick. If I'm so-so, I'm slow. -Holz
  3. Thanks for shedding some light on the matter, glad to know what I can do/can't do -Holz
  4. Hi, I recently bought a piano/guitar/vocal book, and to my surprise one and a half pages of lyrics was in it! From what I can tell it's 100% original, but no name no identification. I guess I'm asking the question "what should/can I do with it?", I've already got the music written to at least demo level. Can I say I wrote these lyrics without having to worry about copyrights? I don't wanna sound mean, I would like to know who did them but since there's no I.D. I can't find out who did them, I wanna use them for my projects but since I've never had something like this happen I thought it'd be a good idea to ask the song stuff community! Thanks, -Holz
  5. john

    Welcome to the forums Holz :)

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