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  1. oh dear! ive bought cheap copies before bcos thats all i could afford & theyve all been disastrous realy...but if youve not got the money for the real thing what else can you do ? this thread is very disapointing ...people just post what triffic guitars theyve got & arent interested at all in what other people have got
  2. these things are hugely popular arent they ...i just dont undestand what the fuss is about... i know men love to make things out of wood or maybe you have to smoke first to get the appeal......maybe if someone made me a wine bottle guitar itd be more my thing
  3. now i cant compete with all these fantastic guitars so i ll tell you a story..... that big gretsch guitar tom collins had stolen..... well when i was young i said i wanted a electric guitar & my mum & dad bought me one... it looked like that gretsch i dont know what it was but i didnt like it it was soooo big nearly as big as me so i said to my brother could we cut some bits of of the body & change the shape ....so he did ....trouble is we didnt realise as it was hollow it would fall apart!! so he nailed some bits of wood in to hold it together!! anyway it ended up looking like a guitar neck stuck in a flower pot with a few nails sticking out ...but it worked ok & i realy learnt on it & it certainly looked different !! so i mention this bcos it started me on decorating guitars...i couldnt afford the expensive ones you guys have so i did this to cheap guitars anyway the only 2 digital photos i have are these 2 ....the 2nd one i made up a original body shape ....im sure you wont be impressed but its all i can contribute http:// http://
  4. loads of gorgeous & unusual guitars here since i last posted! OMG that cherry red gibson sg in that pink case is just hideous !! how could you tom? wow the parker guitar looks like the inspiration for the bent marvel guitar i posted here in my birthday disaster thread! ive got a jackson ...its the most expensive guiatr ive ever had (£400) & its so cheaply made im quite disapointed with it actualy that blue rickenbacker is just gorgeous!
  5. i dont think im rich enuff to post anymore in this thread....
  6. i didnt mean to be negative about him ...i like it that his lyrics are so different & unusual but i havent a clue what they mean ...often i like that bcos you are left to imagine & the lyrics just conjure up images in your mind .....you dont have to work to understand what they mean bcos they mean anything you want them to ......& that was how i thought he wrote now crying lightning is like that i havent any idea what hes saying ...but are you saying you can understand it?
  7. well my middle son loves the arctic monkeys & has seen them a few times & is always playing them so i know the tunes but i cant think of one lyric that means anything to me ....i spose 'you look good on the dance floor' impressed me but after that he seemed to get a bit to clever & i couldnt understand what he was on about .......but realy if you make someone a icon then you read into there lyrics what you want & make the lyrics say whats important to you ....dont you think?
  8. oh i love that explorer shape ibanez in blue & yellow with the pink sort of sunburst ive never seen one like that they obviously dont make them anymore what model is that?
  9. now ive seen those kitty guitars i want one .....they look triific .....but just 1 pickup & only 21 frets !! i wouldnt like that you do have some unusual guitars tappermike..... again ive never heard of that last one ! actually i have 2 more guitars in the back of my wardrobe ....they are very unusual .....maybe i will take a photo of them? you might laugh or you may look in horror!!
  10. i learnt a long time ago that people dont want to be charmed....they want to charm!.....i had aunts & uncles & i thought about who were my favorites & why that was & it was the ones who were intrested in me ! & i thought thats it ....if you want people to like you ....then ask them about themselves...people want to talk not listen i spose this is what the article is about .....i didnt read it all .....im still not perfect you see!!!
  11. hey thanks for that tappermike ... that is the sort of second opinion i was looking for & it was the tremolo that let my last ibanez down evrytime ive had 2 of them & they were cheap but special to me & thats what im clinging onto as important realy
  12. hey thanks for the reply EJB..... basicaly i loved my ibanezs but they were cheap ones & id love to get another one & im thinking if i pay a lot more i will get one with all the bits i loved & none of the bits that went wrong? i had a washburn years ago but i didnt like it.....actualy i feel terrible about it ....i sold it to a friends son ....but i got my hubbie to take the pickups of of it first & wire them on the ibanez i had then ....confession time!!
  13. does anyone here play ibanezs? this thread probly doesnt make sense anymore since i edited it but i was sposed to have a dream guitar for my birthday but the roof urgently needed doing & the money had to go on that so that was the big birthday disaster
  14. there are some loveley guitars here im almost to embaressed to show you mine after those gibsons & fenders & rickenbacker ive never heard of a micheal kelly ...it looks like one of those steampunk guitars with all the metal on it but i cant see it properly & the godins look unusual & how do you pronounce that? this is my old peavey which i love the most http:// this is my ibanez that keeps going wrong http:// this is my jackson that i dont play much http:// & this is my fender!! that is a GIANT RAT by the way !! http://
  15. im looking at a ibanez joe satriani js1200 now ....i realy want to get a tremolo bridge i can rely on at last ....but when we can afford it is another matter
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