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    anything that makes my foot tap !!!

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    life is short , play hard and make the music sweet !!! Rock On !!
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  1. The process of letting out an emotion or turning a thought into music is pretty amazing thing. Must have 5-6 books of one line to full lyrics and worse I have the same song a few dozen times .... it's a release it's something drugs relationships etc can't provide cause it's part of you. Good bad or down right ugly it comes from within ..... priceless. Sharing this with others can be intimidating even awkward but that process makes you a better writer musician.... figured I'd chime in .... been in a huge F'ing rut but starting to write....well I wrote two lines lol it's a start
  2. Ha... Im such a slacker. Is this still a thing??
  3. hi nice to meet you

  4. Limited..  Sure.. Lol.  Nice to meet you and sorry to be so late in responding.

  5. Stupid did the same thing today he did yesterday!! Don't be like stupid,change your thought process!!

  6. tomcollins

    My Artwork

    Wheres the one of your favorite mod? Think he shoukd be right up there.!! Lol nice bro !! Damn all that talent. Oh snap i should post some of mine!! Think youve seen my self portrait
  7. tomcollins

    My Artwork

    Um something missing?
  8. Happy New Year Songstuffers!!!

    1. snabbu

      Happy new year too you too


  9. Most times I have a phrase or hook come to mind . that has somewhat of a be at or parcial melody . but for me it's emotion. It's a mode in in ,i write most times from an emotion and build from that. Why most of my stuff is raw and simple . but for me it works. Very few times , Hhmm if ever have I had music then put words,to it. For me that feels strainedvand backwards. Tho I wish I could . Or it could be I'm just lazy, and it's what's easiest for me hhhmmm. Rock on
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