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  • Birthday 06/04/1997

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    Give It To Me Both Barrels

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    Summer Dawn
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    Never Shout Never, Secondhand Serenade, He is We, SayWeCanFly, Iron And Wine

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    Singing, guitar, reading, writing, blogging, nature walks!
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  1. Back in school! That explains why I haven't been very active lately..

  2. How's everyone doing this fine summer afternoon?? :3

  3. I can't believe my birthday is coming up already! I'm going to be 17!! :o

  4. This heat wave is going to kill me! xP

  5. Oh okay, I tried to do that but it said something abut a clipboard so I didn't know what to do. :s
  6. Not sure if I'm tired enough to sleep lol

  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some of my account names so you guys could follow me I'll follow back too, if you let me know you're all from this site. Twitter: https://twitter.com/XXsummerdawnXX tumblr: upwardover-themountain.tumblr.com Instagram: smerr YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KCandSM Also, roughly a year ago, I posted an original song by me on my YouTube and recently around Christmas, I posted a cover. I wouldn't mind some feedback on them if anybody does check out my stuff. I will advise that my cover video wasn't the best I've done, but I hadn't posted in a long while so I thought I'd do something for Christmas. Thank you for your time! xo-SummerDawn
  8. awe thanks so much! and I'm glad to be here. (:
  9. Hi, my name is Summer Dawn, aspiring singer/songwriter. I'm just introducing myself here, maybe hoping to meet a couple people and get a few tips for song writing. That seems to be what I struggle with most.. I don't know how to put my feelings into words :s haha anyways, I want to start off with a little something about myself, it doesn't have anything to do with music, just a small fact, but I really love Lord of The Rings. (: Anyone else excited for the LAST Hobbit movie?! I already know I'm going to cry. )):
  10. Welcome to the forums Summer Dawn Elliott :)

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