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  • Birthday 09/16/1991

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    I'm Fragile
    Be Gentle

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    Piano Performance (Classic), lyricist and composer

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    I study economics to make poeple happier in underdevelop countries. I like amuse people and see their smile. I play piano (classic).
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    United States of America
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  1. You are right. There is no criteria about what is good and bad music. I am less afraid to share my music here now. Thank you for your warm welcome. I look forward to listen your music too
  2. I just graduated from college majoring economics and accounting in Ohio. I've been playing piano for 14 years and love music. I always wanted to go music school and connect with music people but my parents don't want me to go that direction. While studying hard in college, music was the way to release my stress. I secretly studied music (piano performance) in college thanks to music department faculities. I still want to belong music community but people around me only talk about business (they are accounting people...) not much about music. I found this community and thought it would be good place to connect with music people. I recently started to write songs so I need and want advices for my music. I usually write down music on paper. I don't really know how to sing, record nor edit music. I am not even sure that I can write good music..(that's the reason why I join here to find out.) But I know how to enjoy music. I hope I can continue my music life through this sites. I really appreciate you guys organizing this community. Thank you
  3. Welcome to the forums TerrierHC :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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