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  1. Thanks Larry; I'm getting the hang of playing it your way. Don't understand Savannah's description....a bit cryptic. Thanks again!
  2. Ok, one more thing I noticed: Ani's version allows for much easier fingering, and hence keep up the percussive rhythm. While Larry's demo nailed the notes absolutely correctly, my next challenge is to figure out if there's an open tuning that is similar. It's hard to move up and down the fretboard as quickly as the rhythm of the song requires using the six string version...
  3. This is awesome, you guys! Larry, you impress me as a musical genius to figure that out so quickly...will try Savannah's tips too. Can't wait to try this! thanks again....
  4. Well, I tried to apply some of the above suggestions, but did not get far... The suggested tunings do not seem complete, as they did not mention all 6 guitar stings. Plus, I need to apply the chords that Ani is using in the song, and still have no clue how those chords could be made, or in what tuning. I appreciated the lesson about octaves, but fail to understand how that applies to this song. thanks anyway, everyone....
  5. Hey, thanks guys; this helps! I've been playing a while, but only starting learning open tunings the past couple of years. But I know how they simplify fingerings for some cool chords and hammers. So I'm not sure what "playing octaves" means (is that like a scale in a certain key?), but I'm delighted to learn of this forum where I can learn from others. thanks again, Rick
  6. So I have a purpose for joining this forum: I am trying to figure out this Ani DiFranco song which is driving me crazy, because it's such a great song....but incredibly difficult to even start! The song is "Which Side Are You On?" and here's a link to a youtube video of her performing it. It's an incredible song, and an inspired performance. As you can see there, she's playing some 4-stringed customized guitar...and in some kind of open tuning...which is really hard to translate to a 6-string guitar! If anyone out there has any insights, I would really appreciate it! The chord progression in the song is not complicated....but just getting started with the correct open tuning for a 6-string guitar would help immensely! If any gifted musicians out there could get me started....you would be enabling me to perform this song in my local community....which really deserves to be heard! You can contact me at caseyrick-at-gmail-dot-com. thanks, --rick
  7. Welcome to the forums rixter :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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