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  1. Hello Tom, Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate much deeper into this. I like pretty much your suggestion of uploading the remaining songs so that all of them are considered as published, but this action raises a few more doubts / questions. I hope you can help me on this, so that I can finally finish this process. Here they are: 1) The PA Form requests at least two complete copies for "published works", how am I supposed to do that? These songs have been / will be loaded to a website for streaming... I'm not sure how to do this. 2) Which publication date will actually be taken into account, Is it the date when I uploaded the first song? Not sure either, these songs have been "published" in different years. Again, thank you so much for your help. Regards, Ed98.
  2. Thank you Bernd for your answer. So in your opinion, should I proceed to register these two songs as "unpublished works", even though they're available to the public on Youtube up to date? Regards. Ed98.
  3. Hello all, I have a situation that is giving me some concern. I have a few songs that I've written and performed with my band. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of uploading two of them to my YouTube account, without copyright registration. Now I want to copyright these two songs along with a few others that I also have and that haven't been recorded yet. My concern is whether these two songs are already considered as "published works", since they are available to the public on Youtube. If that's the case, I 'd like to know how to submit them as they're required so send some kind of proof, but all I have is a Youtube link or otherwise, they can still be considered as unpublished works and therefore be submitted along with the other unpublished songs. Any one, please help me on this. Thanks. Ed98.
  4. Hello, my name is Emmanuel. I'm from the Dominican Republic. I'm 32. I play the guitar and and some basic stuff on the piano. In 2006 I had the chance to study a mid-level two-year comtemporary music career in Argentina as a full-time student. I consider myself as an aspiring songwriter, since I have written a few songs but none of them have been copyrighted/recorded yet, and that's what I am looking for right now. I'm part of a christian worship/rock band and we wanto record some of my songs, so I hope I can find some help in this forum. I'll be posting my question later. Thank you. Ed98.
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