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  1. MikeRobinson Bingo! Very good! - my thoughts exactly. There are so many artists who worry about "cheating" and producing non-art, or compromising it. But it's ALL cheating - we have just accepted & taken for granted our tools, like hands, fingers, practice, using our eyes, reading notes, symbols that represent sound, recording tape, mixing boards, electricity/magnetism, vinyl, capos, steel wound strings...but they're ALL ways of cheating, getting around some difficulty, making things easier, so we can get more directly to making music, and making the quality of sound better. Sampling is no different, in principle, than hiring orchestral players to play something that would be too much trouble for you to do on your own. The end product is the goal of our creativity. And while creating is a fun part that we don't want to miss, keeping it at a certain level of difficulty when we don't have to, will only hamper the outcome. Learning more about music, so you can do it better, is a way of cheating too, because it gives you what are, essentially, shortcuts to better music, so you spend less time with trial and error. What AI can do ultimately, is get more of the mundane out of the way, so you're efforts are whittled down closer to pure creativity, contemplating the result you want, which is always a matter of doing something that gives you feedback, which you use to decide how close to what you want you're getting. What AI will do, after the non-creatives exhaust what it can do easily, is up the expectations of our audiences...and ourselves. This is what happened with the techno-jump from analog tape to digital workstations, where anyone can have a recording studio in their bedroom for under $1000, with more capability than a pro-studio in the 70's.
  2. Hi, if you're still looking, what kind of country are you writing - old styles or today's...like what are some songs that are the same general feel of what you want to do that I could check out on utube?
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