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  1. I think that rhymes become unhelpful when they lead to a loss of creativity and thinking on the part of the songwriter. Many simple rhymes are used in pop music that suggest easy phrase completion. We've all heard songs where we can pretty much predict what the next lines will say based on the rhyme scheme. Songs like this have little value to me, because they are telling us something we already know way too well, and offer nothing of perspective or nuance...
  2. I was using Digital Performer for the longest time. Recently I checked out the latest version of Garage Band and I was like, whoa. For being free, that program is pretty incredible. And it's so intuitive to use...Just an observation.
  3. I agree with Steve. For better or worse, in my experience, if I want my recordings to compete with the recordings I admire, I need to use the same tools / methods they use to get their sounds. And since major label people aren't recording and mastering their stuff in their bedrooms, eventually I had to go to a real mastering studio for this. There is a unique quality to the recordings I've done in my apartment with just laptop plug-ins for mastering, if I could even call it that. But the sonic improvements I've heard in my recordings from mastering at places like Sterling Sound is huge. In the most recent case, the mastering brought out a significant level of detail in each instrument, and yet made the overall sound seem more cohesive. Now I am thinking that I should go back and have them re-master some of my really old home recordings to see how much improved they would be...
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