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  1. i own a dean performer acoustic, it isnt an electro model, yet i cant find one anywhere on the net, like reviews or anything. Any idea why not? the guitar cost about £300.00 in 2005 i have been trying to sell it but its difficult when nobody can find a review of it
  2. yea did a google search, seems to me like they can produce a medicore to low quality recording of your desired song for a fee. not exactly what im looking for.
  3. a few weeks ago i decided to see if it would be possible to sell lyrics via the internet. I came across paramount song who claim to be a nashville based studio/company looking for songs/lyrics that they can shop to record labels and artists. Now i have no real idea how all this works or if it is a con or not. But i decided to send off 2 of my lyrics to see what kind of reply i would get. I quickly received an email stating that they would get in contact once they had reviewed my lyrics. I sent them the following 2 song lyrics i have written. http://forums.songstuff.com/topic/12731-whiskey-drinking-woman/ http://forums.songstuff.com/topic/11477-sycamore-tree/ Now today through the post i recieved a reply from them. which starts off along the lines of Dear xxx, what great lyrics you/ve sent us. in fact we believe the talent you've displayed has outstanding hit song potential. so much so that we're happy to award you with a song writing contract..... the letter then goes on to give more praise. Now with the cover letter i also received 2 pieces of paper with contracts on. however it seems to me like they are expecting my signature and for me to send them money to hire someone to record the music for the song. So this is where it doesn't seem right. now i have no real experience at this and i certainly dont expect something for nothing but the way its all worded seems like a copy paste reply they send to everyone and the fees aren't exactly cheap. Has anyone used them before or someone similar?, is this common practice and would it be worth getting 1 of them recorded? i can afford to but i obviously dont want to throw money away for nothing, they say for 10.00 you can recieve a cassette recording, surely a cd would be better?
  4. but the flaw in the above argument is that your examples are arguing things that later became fact. were as lyrics are not facts and there is no right or wrong opinion when it comes to art. But if you base it on popularity then i think you pretty much covered the argument against popularity being the deciding facotr of a good lyric. It really isnt, i would say that a good lyric is imaginative well written and either thoughtful or catchy with plenty of hooks contained with in it. Popularity is a terrible way to measure quality for almost anything really.
  5. i believe that good lyrics generally contain alot of hooks. What i mean by that is lines within the lyric that draw people to them. The more successful hooks the more likley you are of achieving a larger amount of praise. But i could be compeltely wrong so its just my opinion. Also i dont like lazy lyrics that reuse the same words to rhyme within the same verse, for example rhyming you with you on a seperate part of the verse. Just something i presonally dislike.
  6. has not set their status

  7. yea he is great lazz, after buying the album Cobblestone runaway i was suprised to find, I liked every track almost instantly on the album which is quite rare for me.
  8. just discovered ron sexsmith, great aritist thanks Lazz
  9. a forgotten icon of a forgotten song and if your not prepared you will be the forgotten one Right now everyone knows you baby Everyday well we see you on tv right now people they really love you babe But don't let them drown you in their tidal wave And you may see all that suffering today But the world it isnt yours to save a forgotten icon of a forgotten song and if your not prepared you will be the forgotten one So many have gone before you and so many have faded from view fame is vain and fame is ficle and that medias sicle is a very sharp remind to be diverse to stand the test of time a forgotten icon of a forgotten song and if your not prepared you will be the forgotten one like so many pop bands before you might just become ignored when a new trend hits the stage and the music scene enters a new age but rock music always remains in many different ways a forgotten icon of a forgotten song and if your not prepared you will be the forgotten one just wrote this in about 10mins hope you like it, i know its not perfect but i have just finished an 8hour night shift and i honestly couldnt think of any true abandoned icons that are worth remembering except maybe Rick James. I hope forgotten and abandoned is close enough for you
  10. Milla Divine Comedy Album not sure if milla writes all her own lyrics but there great any how. Syd Barret http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BptZA3qWBk...feature=related Love syd barrets lyrics I dont think anyone else can write psychedelic music like syd. cream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud1Y7rXFEQg...feature=related the first super group and still one of the best
  11. donovan is a good lyricist its a shame he doesnt get the recognision he deserves
  12. bob dylan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrk25hHEb4A...feature=related donovan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2arEUEAWck the doors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCUQtbZ3Tbs roy harper u2 led zeppelin (alot of there songs arent written by them i know) pink floyd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1moiym6-Nk bob marley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQlOLARxC_A sting paul weller david bowie i know there are many more but these are some off the top of my head.
  13. i love my voice most of the time. However i seem to suffer from a build up in my throat every so often that affects my singing voice. When my throat is clear i can sing rather well however when my throat feels no good i can hardly sing and its really annoying me. I have no idea whats wrong with my voice, the doctor said its just a cold but i think it happens to often to be a cold. I also sing like other artists very well, like i can do johnny cash and some of led zeppelins songs, david bowie and a few others but i dont really have my own singing voice because when i sing someone elses song to me half of getting it right is sounding like them. And when i right my own songs i usually select a singiner closest to what im wanting it to sound like and sing it as though they where singing it.
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