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  1. Guitar Wall Hanger - Hercules AutoSwivel ? I have one of those and it is very good. Easy to install, and it keeps guitar "locked" in place, so if someone touch it, it doesn't fall down. Nice thing to have, if you have children's and their friend's running around too near of your expensive music gear
  2. I have been testing Cobian Black Moon- back up software past few month in my work, it is open source- software and free of charge. It seem to be a quite clever little software, I use it to back up my drawings to my USB- memory- stick, and it never fails. All you need is HDD big enough, and Cobian. It is very easy to use, so check it out.
  3. Twenty something, just a baby. That chick is Kaija Kokkola, who has been one of our leading female singers for years. Guy with the guitar is Risto Asikainen, who has produced just about all finnish megastars, our Idols-shows, wrote thousands of hit songs etc. In fact, all others in that band got good living in music business. Except H.H, who did have something which others didn't have. He had an illusion that he is a star already. He was too lazy to make a career, he didn't even want to do any training, not interested at any education for the trade. 35 years later the rain wash his ashes away from cemetery lawn...it is all about choices we make
  4. And something, which make me smile every time I see it. You probably know him already, but when I first saw him playing few years ago, it blow me away. I just love that guy
  5. Have you seen this? That's H.H and K.K in Finnish TV (It opens in your player)...
  6. Everything is cool (except my ability to play bass), family is fine, and as far as I know, H.H:s kids are just fine. Younger is still training guitar and he is quite good with it, older is learning his trade as an ambulance driver. We don't keep in touch so much, but I hear something at time to time from other relatives. What comes to playing bass, my son has learn it much faster than me, and I listen him over my own "playing" at any time
  7. Hello, it's me, I am hiding under the name "Olggu", which some of you may remember from the past years as a brother of late H.H. Not much has changed, I still try to learn to play my bass guitar, still living in Finland and still learning how to use English language in a proper manner. And it is just about same with H.H, he still is as dead as a mutton, but considering the circumstances I think that is quite normal...so R.I.P At this point I want to thank everybody who were willing to take part of that bouquet, it was really spectacular and it got lot of interest among the quests, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH You will find me at the Bar, I will be lurking there at time to time, talking about things like tequila and strange foods etc.
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