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  1. I have Spotify invites ...

  2. Thanks Nazlive - I have Spotify invites too :) ...

  3. Hey i heard a few songs from you, Nice ones!

  4. I use Linux all the time - for what it's good at: running servers. I tried running Linux for several other purposes through the years, and found out that I spent more time hacking than being creative. Opensource desktop software just isn't mature enough, and will probably never be. Tellsigns are: weird/unfinished user interfaces, frequent crashes, non-existing user support and frequently a nose-down attitude when you try suggesting or pointing out issues. Developers often think they are the salt of the earth and Linux developers are often the most self-righteous, snottynosed, arrogant bastards of them all. I know, I've been working with them for over 10 years. If you want to be creative and not have the software get in the way: don't choose Linux. PS: to be fair, most developers are very nice ...
  5. Dance on a Volcano - Genesis (Trick of the Tail)
  6. I prefer others to master my tracks, since after mixing I am too familiar with the track too listen to it objectively.
  7. eh - I don't post my mixes, I release them ... but I answered as if ...
  8. Welcome, Iain. Actually, I have in the later years transited to fingers/nails only since I get a more delicate attack then - however, sometimes I revert to pick as needed. No need to be fanatical about it ...
  9. "wish come true" too much of a cliche. Keep it as it was - it's great!
  10. I got you all covered. Time to return the favor: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Finn-Arild/40384025082
  11. The points are: - High scoring inlinks to your site - Another hit for your favorite keywords ("progressive rock music" in my case). ANY good page with a link back to your site is a good idea.
  12. What you do - is to do so well on your own that when "Mr Stringer" by his unbelievable luck finds himself in the same elevator as you, he'll have to do the pitch.
  13. It's gonna get better - Genesis (Genesis) ... that's me hoping ... PS: Heigh-Ho is strictly the seven dwarfs only ...
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