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  1. Thank you, Janeva Glad to be here
  2. It's all good, Rudi. Loved the band sound and the expressive vocals. Your own songs at the end has its own soul. Good work! Cheers! Priyan
  3. Thank you, John! Oh yes, Mahesh mentioned you and Songstuff in his musical journey and I felt that was the most touching and inspiring part of his story. I am delighted to meet you in person (in cyberspace), so to speak! Yes, it's a wonderful ongoing series that Prashant is doing. Being a musician himself, the questions he puts across are just the stuff we would like to know from the artists. There is so much to learn from the talks, so inspiring... Cheers! Priyan
  4. Thank you Rudi! Just listened to your song 'Embarrassment'...and it's absolutely superb! As good as any song out there! I will listen to the rest of the tracks soon. Thank you for sharing your music. Cheers! Priyan
  5. You are talking about what is called as 'the Chinese fishing nets' and yes, it is still in use, in Fort Cochin. Like you said, it is a stark image and it still is the most representative image of Cochin.
  6. Thank you, McnaughtonPark! Now, this is a coincidence- my hometown happens to be Cochin! Cochin of the 80's and present day are two different planets! What was an idyllic small town has become a booming commercial metro. My songs, some of them touch upon these mindless modernisation or the effect it has on us mortals. But nothing specifically about India. What kind of songs do you write? Thank you for connecting. Priyan
  7. Nice poem, Terry! Just a couple of suggestions, if I may... 1. In the first paragraph and the fourth, the word marble repeats ('marble concrete' and 'Italian marble') Using a different word in one of the places could be a good idea. 2. This is a grammatical error which I am sure was an oversight and you'll correct it anyway- In the second paragraph the last line reads 'I’ve still have open sky’s in my heart'. It should be 'I still have open skies in my heart' Overall good feel, nice work. Priyan
  8. Thank you, Tom Yes, in fact I watched Mahesh last night in Let's Talk Music Series- an online Live talk series. He talked about his journey and Songstuff and that is how I got here, not really a coincidence! Priyan
  9. Hello everyone, I am Priyan from Bangalore, India. I am a singer songwriter and have been writing and singing for a long time, but all behind closed doors I hope to meet other musicians here to learn and share our craft which would enhance our creative process. Looking forward to connect with you. Thank you, Priyan
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