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  1. Hi Joel, Thanks for dropping by Really? Haha.. that didn't occur to me. Would you like to give it a try if you're interested? I do like your jazz compositions
  2. Hey John, Nice to see you dropping by. Umm.. maybe it's a story of loss about a love that is yet to be acknowledged? Yes.. now my mind's also working.. but perhaps the original thought was somewhere along those lines
  3. They speak some They seek more Questions hidden behind answers Doubts giving way to wonderment Wonderment unearthing more doubts They gravitate close But never touch As they flip pages of bewilderment Is there more to the story? Or do dying embers wait to be revealed? They waltz to a song They call their own Yet shy away from giving it a name The past and the present collide To form a crescendo of uncertain waves Yet the heart yearns Each for the other Silent and tentative, hoping to come together Perhaps they will, one moment When the whispers will overcome the roars The day finally merging with the night
  4. I discovered a Norwegian artist called Aurora a few months ago... and have been completely hooked to her voice and music. Currently, this one's running on repeat :
  5. Sreyashi Mukherjee

    My Artwork

    Excellent! So how many paintings does your library boast of now?
  6. Glad that you're enjoying your new role. I guess you've always had the knack to be an interviewer and presenting the excerpts nicely And Patty is a real pleasure to interact with!
  7. Beautifully restrained... Whitney would have been proud.
  8. SoundCloud discovery for me again.. One superb Springsteen cover... another a catchy original (distracting image may be overlooked ):
  9. Of course angels exist.. especially on quiet Sunday evenings spent in dim light..
  10. I'm stuck on Anne-Marie right now, especially her stripped down live or recorded versions. Here are some samples:
  11. Sorry to know about your loss. I hope these two have more than warmed up your home and hearts..
  12. I love cats! Where's the real Jessie? An did Bowie really have differently coloured eyes?
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