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  1. My eighties band CARL GREEN AND THE SCENE signed with RCA Records (UK) in 1981 after winning a national "Battle Of The Bands" competition at Hammersmith Odeon, London. We released 2 singles and an album for the label before going our separate ways. This song is from the album- may bring back some memories for a few of you!
  2. Carl Green

    HOLE pic 1.jpg

    People have mentioned its "mysterious" vibe. That's a fisheye lens for ya!
  3. Carl Green

    HOLE pic 1.jpg

    Thanks John. We've used this picture the most as it's had the best reaction. Not my personal favourite but it does the job ha ha!!
  4. Here's a few promo pics of my band Head Of Light Entertainment from 2019. Mainly used for social media and the band website, but also for gig posters. Photographer is North East England image maker David Pybus.
  5. Thanks Janeva, that's good to hear
  6. It's a Teesside based charity who do wonderful work for victims of sexual violence. Unsung and underfunded, it was a privilege to help raise a few pounds and hopefully their profile a bit too. The gig went very well thanks. Over 100 people in, all up for it, and one of the best sound systems we've played through.
  7. XTC, Prefab Sprout, The Beatles? That'll do nicely!

  8. Thanks for getting in touch Pahchisme. Any fan of Simon & Garfunkel is a friend of mine!

  9. T.Rex, Bowie, Adam Ant? Impeccable taste dear boy!

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    2. Carl Green

      Some of the finest pop music ever made was made in the 1970's. Still sounds incredible to this day. And I'll never forget Roxy Music (how could I?)!!


    3. symphonious7

      Oh and new wave punk man, that's been my obsession for a while.  There's a lesser known band called Wire that's just incredible, many of their songs don't break the 1 minute mark and yet say more than most can pile into 3:30, if you don't know them I'd check it out!  First 2 albums are the best.  

    4. Carl Green

      Yes, I know Wire. And again I agree- brilliant band. I Am The Fly!!

  10. The glasses, in case you're wondering, are from Paris, bought there in the late 1990's. The attempted cool expression I bought from some geezer in Hull...

  11. Any Sparks fans on here? I love Sparks, have done for decades now. Was lucky enough to catch them live in Newcastle last month- absolutely brilliant. Their latest album (Hippopotamus) is a masterpiece. Ron and Russ- Head Of Light Entertainment love you!!

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    2. Just1L

      Funny, hadn't heard it in years but just heard Eaten by the Monster of Love 2 days ago. I only know a handful of there songs. Always plan to check them out further though.

    3. Carl Green

      Try the classic 70's albums "Kimono My House" and "Indiscreet" as a great introduction. For more recent stuff "Hippopotamus" (obviously) and "Exotic Creatures Of The Deep"- both superb albums for people who like their pop music strange, beautiful and totally against the grain.

    4. Just1L

      Thanks. Will do.

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