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  1. DAB

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    I know exactly how you feel, I was in guitar guitar again today. There's a beautiful Les Paul Standard that was screaming for me to take her home. I had to resist, but man it was difficult! I need to stay away from that place for a while
  2. Perhaps a decision I had to make on my own I went for the Blues Junior. I've never used a Fender amp before, but I'm extremely impressed. And Steve, as you know I have a lot of Line 6 gear. I can honestly say I can feel a difference, I say "feel" rather than hear for good reason. For such a small piece of kit, it has a huge punch. I'm in guitar heaven at the moment
  3. DAB

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    Here's my new tele,
  4. DAB


    Great thread, very informative
  5. DAB

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    Well..... sadly my "sexy tele" is on the way out. I'm trading her up for an american tele deluxe, aged cherryburst finish. I've only seen pix on the guitar guitar website, but she looks stunning. I will of course post pix here, when i get her this week. I'm also ordering the new Dave Gilmour signature strat, I won't get that until October sometime. Watch out for the pix guys
  6. Have any of you guys had any experience with Fender amps? I'm considering trading up my Peavey, I just can't seem to connect with this amp. I've had it for about a year now, but since i got my spider jam it's just gathered dust. That's not right, I think you'll all agree. I was looking at a Blues Junior, I'm just not sure if it has enough punch. I then thought about a Hot Rod Deluxe, I'm going into Glasgow tomorrow or Tuesday to try a few. Any views guys? I would appreciate any advice.
  7. DAB

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    I bought this PRS last night, still getting to know it, but it seems a pretty sound guitar. I gave it a good polish last night, when I got it home. Looks in very good shape for a four year old guitar, needs a new set of strings though. All and all I'm pretty chuffed with it, the American Strat has been put on hold for now!
  8. DAB

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    I love the look of that yamaha, a friend of mine has one. Great sound too, nice one.
  9. I have a few photo shopped pix of my gear that would make cool posters, I'll have a look tonight and add some text to them. I have put a few of the images up in my photo album, in fact Steve suggested a poster idea for one of them Watch this space.
  10. DAB

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    Here's my Gibby I'll post a pic of my Adam Black Electro-Acoustic this evening
  11. DAB

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    I must have landed on my feet then Stevo, coz this Fender Tele ROCKS It's funny too, just about everyone who has seen her say she's "sexy" On a serious note tho, she really is a great guitar. I can play along with the Clash one minute, then switch to something melodic and quiet. Very versatile little axe, I'm now looking at the Billy Corgan Sig Stratocaster. Might get one next month, that should make some noise And you're right, nothing wrong with Squire guitars at all.
  12. Have a little faith peeps....
  13. DAB

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    My Tele and Melody Maker, love em both. I'll post pix of the others later, I love all my guitars
  14. DAB

    Band In A Box

    This looks very interesting, I'm tempted to give it a go.
  15. A real treat copter, thanks for turning me on to this artist. Gonna check out some more
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