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  1. Really nice, I like the message of positivism and unity of masses against the negativity of the world.
  2. I wanted this to be lyrics for a song but it feels more like a poem. Comments, questions, suggestions are all welcome. _A Letter to my lover_ I write a letter to my lover As I’m sitting all alone Thinking about our future The long road ahead of us A love note to my lover The one and only, king of my world Our journey has not been easy But it has been one filled with love I write letter to my lover My day has not been the best But he still gives me inspiration Just what I need for the day “Baby I am an amateur In this thing called love But darling I swear I’m trying To make this relationship work Without you my days never see The sun shine bright Keep loving me the way you do Make my heart smile” These verses may look messy And might not make any sense Just like young love acts At its senior years best But it’s the way it works for us It’s crazy and sometimes worst For us love is not a definite It’s our hardest load of work I write a letter to my lover The only thing I have to offer He knows these words are worth As much as we love each other L. Leon-Elias
  3. Hooked There’re demons inside of me They want to take over my life They’re leached inside of me, You can see them through my eyes These thoughts of desperation Are ruling my existence I just want to make it out Without losing my patience What can I do to reclaim what’s left of it? If when life gives you lemons Are we not supposed to make lemonade? Please tell me I have one more chance One more chance to make this right If I’m just another human Who’s running out of lines And as I beg for forgiveness I’ll ask you to listen to me Hear the story of my life Listen to it one more time I’ve been taught about love I’ve been taught about hate What it’s to be Loyal and be betrayed But life has never taught me About finding myself And I stand strong against my battles Not ready to quit the game I just want to show you How much I care about this matter And I wish I could hear from you That you’ll be here until the end Until I get my act on track And I get back on my life path I am trying one last time Before I give up everything One more time I’ll do it for you One more time, this, I swear is true By: L. Leon-Elias
  4. Hello from MA, I am a girl who is looking to see if what I write is worth the time of others. Free range writing is easy to me but putting melody and rhythm to lyrics is difficult to vision. I hope I can gain some inspiration from all of you here. I am in this community to stay! Thank you.
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