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  1. Well, here's my story: When I started drumming, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or quit, so I didn't want to invest in something super-expensive. So, my dad has a friend who's been drumming for 40 years and he loned me his electric kit for free. Well, over time, I didn't quit drumming, but wasn't pressured to return the kit. Te electric sensors started to die on the snare and hi-hat, so I replaced them with acoustic pieces and that is what I have now. Over the course of time, I've played in differen't situations and always live on acoustic sets. Listening to stuff that I've played, and anyone who's heard my bands recording can understand, I'm gonna have to say acoustics are much better. Even though acoustics may be harder to transport, the sound quality of an acoustic is worth the extra effort. The electric just don't pick up well and fills and even beats don't sound that tight. This was brought to my attention when I was trying out lightly used sets the other dayy(I'm planning on buying one). My guitarist was with me and even he who never complains about my playing even when I insist something was not up to par said I sounded tighter. Another thing I've noticed are some noob "recording studios" use electrics because you can pug them directly in instead of micing them up. Even though electrics sound a bit tighter when plugged in vs having the amp micced up, they still lack that realistic feel... It's not just the sae with the dynamics no matter how high-quality the set. Now remember I got my set for free, but electric sets aren't cheap and I haven't done any intense research, but a good electric set might cost just as much as a half-way-decent acoustic set and recording hardware for it. The only positive I really find in electrics are the weird affects you can produce, but you could always set another ttrack and the actual drum track should be acoustic(this does not apply to electronica if you're actually using a drummer instead of keyboard). Oh and the feature I like on my electric is the trigger petal which can simulate some crazy double bass, but it really doesn't sound like it real and you can't control its speed or hits. In the end, acoustic sets dominate electric sets. I know that a lot of people think this, but I THOUGHT I"D JUST SHARE MY STORY FOR THOSE WHO IMMEDIATELY ASSUME> I CAN"T WAIT TO GO GRAB my new acoustic set!
  2. OOO, good topic... Must... Keep... Alive. I don't have any lyrics right now, but one major song mistake that sticks out is tthe piano mistakes that were made in The Band's version of I Shall Be Released.
  3. tommy

    Song Titles

    Haha, I was looking at some great song titles from a grindcore band that in my opinion shouldn't exist... Truly insulting stuff, but hilarious. I don't know if ellaborating on this will follow board guidelines, so I'll get serious right quick. As far as song titles goe, it really annoys me when the title of the song is never mentioned in the song. If it isn't, it better be an instrumental or the title must be so random that it is amusing. I like some of the titles that math rock bands like the dilinger escape plan use just because they're mathlike and that's always interesting. Another weird preference I have for song titles is that title tracks of albums should be instrumental... I just like that approach. One final thing that I like to see in titles are roman numerals and songs in groups like what Coheed and Cambria do: The Willing Well I: Fuel for the feeding. The Willing well 2: Fear through the eys of madness. The Willing Well 3: The telling of truths. The willing iv: The final cut. They have usually one succession like that per album, some going up to 5(v). Well, I guess I've rambled enough about stuff that most people probably dont/shouldn't spend time thinking about. Just comes with listening to prog stuff.
  4. tommy

    Riot (uncensored)

    Sick stuff. I want to here this music, rap metal/rock is always [portrayed in fun ways. Like how the song can kind of be about itself.
  5. Well, here's the link to the jam with my friend Joey singing. I hope you enjoy this!
  6. tommy

    New Moderators

    Congrats all 3 of you!
  7. Well auditioning the singer has passed and been very successful and now we've got a full-time bassist who kicks ass! On Sunday my friend Joey came over to sing and he started out shakey because he was nervous, but he did awesome! He's a good singer in general and will be good for performances because he takes breaths at the right time. After some searching, my other friend Luke seems to fit for the bass role. Me, Luke, and our lead guitarist Joe planned on jamming for maybe like an hour or 2, maybe slight more last night and we ended up jamming for 5 hours! Luke is a great bassist with lots of influence from Flea. Things are really coming together and we should have more rounded out music now and my lyrics will be brought to life! I've got a recording of me, Joe, Patrick, and Joey(the singer) playing crowned by destiny. Not professional or anything, just wanted to document the vocals. I think I'll upload it.
  8. tommy

    Songstuff Soundbank

    This is awesome! Can't wait, maybe there'll be some guitar loops just to jam on with the drums.
  9. Recognizable drum beats... Enter Sandman is pretty recognizable, not complicated, but rockin. Nowadays people'd recognize Fallout Boy's Dance Dance, I guess catchy, not a fan of the song. I forgot who said it, but that blur song was at the top of my list. The money beat(I think that is what it is called) used in in Beat It by Michael Jackson is another one that I'd take note of. Moby Dick?
  10. Hey, I dig the sound of your band and you guys have a strong message. Keep it up dude.

  11. Hey people, Just had some extra downtime floating around so thought I'd just post a band update that I didn't feel solid enough to put on our website. My friend is coming over to try singing for us. I know he's a good singer, he's just never been in a band, done mostly chorus. I hope it works out! I'm happy he tried it even though he's nervous, hopefully we can get some recordings of us jamming with him.
  12. :D Nice you're a coheed fan too! If I get to meet claudio or anyone in the band on halloween(that is when I'm going), I'd flip a bitch. That'd be so great. :)
  13. Coheed and cambria!? I am officially jealous, give my regards to Claudio!

  14. tommy


    I've gone through my stages with metal and screaming and other types of music with screaming and finally I appreciate it and like it somewhat. I can't sing to save my life and I thought I chould scream and growl for a metal song, I was wrong. I respect growling especially, it takes skill and actually screaming you have to hit some notes. I also like screaming used as quiet backing vocals for normal singing, especially for singers with high-to-medium pitched voices. I draw the line of growling and screaming at death metal/grindcore/deathcore songs where all they do is growl loud and incomprehensably without change of tone or anything. To ellaborate more on that, I guess I mean songs where they almost just talk in the lion roar I can't stand. If you really want to hear some screaming, check out extreme noise terror. They cross another line or 2 or 500 by my standards.
  15. Hi, Although I'm not an expert on the release of records, here are a few things that would come to mind. Upon the release of a new C.D., I think that shows promoting the album are obviously very important to your music's success. One way I would use to get fans excited for a new release would be to slowly reveal the album one concert at a time. This could be done in one of two ways: just play the one or 2 best songs off the album per show or alternatively if you traveled a lot you could play a different song for each city. I like the first option best because it'll show the fans the best of your new stuff and they'll buy the album if they enjoy your featured songs even though some other tracks may be slightly weaker. The strong point I see in the second option is simply not wearing a few songs out in the ears of the public. Past these very rudimentary ideas I can't really say much accept for submitting a featured track to radio stations in hopes of some airplay which is a major boost.
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