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  1. A beautiful blue-eyed California baby of the late 80’s, Kailee Spark started taking piano lessons at 8 years old and became forever intrigued with the idea of expressing herself through songwriting. She showcases her passion for the art in her most recent single. “Passageways”, produced by Bub Pratt, is the first single from Spark’s debut album’ Savor This’! Not only is this track perfect for any jam sesh – but also has lyrics that are super relatable to anyone that’s been in love. While Kailee Spark sings about the beautiful optimism associated with falling in love, her track also touches on the dark side of these strong emotions. This track can be heard on Spotify here! Indie and Pop Fans are ecstatic to be discovering the up and coming musician, Kailee Spark. Spark’s first single and music video, ‘Passageways’, was released on April 19 of this year and perfectly captures the road-trip indie vibes we all love, along with the pop sounds that we can’t get enough of. The Indie hit has a video to accompany it with incredible visuals, available on her YouTube channel here. The music video goes back and forth between a dream state and reality, staying with the single’s theme of the dark curiosity and escape from reality that is associated with falling hard in love. Fans are raving about this new release and can’t wait for Spark to continue releasing her beautifully written music! What’s next for Kailee Spark you may ask, well pop fans have a lot to look forward to! Kailee has announced that her upcoming single “Savor This” will be on Spotify on July 20th. This is the next single off her album “Savor This” which releases to much excitement on July 30th. To stay up to date with Kailee Spark, check her out on her website Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch by clicking on her link tree! https://allmylinks.com/kaileesparkmusic
  2. Fans of the alternative rock band The Knife have already been praising and streaming “Unraveling” by the legendary dark synth duo PIERA—which is available for streaming on all platforms including Spotify. Stream the song “Unraveling” on Spotify. PIERA is made up of both the musically inclined Piera Klein and Micah Plissner—both whom created PIERA and have been creating in downtown Los Angeles. Micah is a talented multi-instrumentalist from New York who also excels in production. Piera is not only a singer, but a songwriter, composer, and an individual with valuable experiences acquired from traveling and seeing the globe. A Southern California native, she has always been fascinated by other worlds and sought to create her own. Since childhood she has been creating her own music, poetry and art, and eventually found her raison d’être in bringing them together. Their sound? Electronic. Underground. Beat-driven. Synth pop. Psychedelic undertones. Haunting vocals. They have it all. Their sound is similar to those of Klaus Schulze, The Swans, Broadcast, Suicide, Neu, Jon Maus, The Knife, Depeche Mode, and many many more. PIERA describes themselves as “we are conduits of energy, light and sound, visions, emotions, realities and dreams. we create what we believe can and should be when we enter the power of agreement with another. it is here we enter the gateway – the portal – to the realm of possibilities.” They also have 2 other singles following “Unraveling”: titled “Cosmic Reaction” and “As Good As You”! Make sure to follow them on Instagram too at https://www.instagram.com/PIERA.MUSIC/. Check out all things PIERA on the website at www.PIERAmusic.net Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!
  3. PIERA, electronic pop duo, have released their new single “Unraveling,” on Spotify. Very much inspired by synth-electronic 70’s band Kraftwerk, this song is sure to get you dancing. PIERA is made up of Los Angeles residents, Piera Klein and Micah Plissner. The duo encourages their listeners to make art, enjoy nature, and arouse their consciousness as they listen to “Unraveling.” The pair has quite the diverse background; Micah, originally from New York City, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer and Piera, born and raised in California, is a singer, songwriter, and composer. Their sound varies from electronic to synth pop, with definitive psychedelic undertones and haunting vocals. “Unraveling” is the first release you can hear from the band, and it doesn’t disappoint. They also recently released two other highly anticipated singles, “Cosmic Reaction” and “As Good As You.” We can’t wait to hear what they put out next! Check out all things PIERA on the website at www.PIERAmusic.net Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!
  4. What do music artist rap legend Eminem and the young talented recording artist Em have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that their names are similar and they both have an amazing music catalog under their belt. And no, I did not catfish you into coming here! I just wanted to share another amazing artist that you might love if you listen to Eminem. Watch the “Say What You Mean” Music Video Here on YouTube! Em is native New Jersey alternative singer songwriter who just released a 7-song projected self-titled EM. The lead single off this project is titled “Say What You Mean”. Em herself says “I feel the song is a universal message and represents the ethereal, emotional side of my writing.” She calls herself a huge romantic and the lead single is about her wanting someone to love with “every fiber of her being.” Fortunately for us, the ethereal song is also accompanied with a mesmerizing video directed by Parris Mayhew. Listen and Save “Say What You Mean” to your Spotify Playlists Here! On this project, she finds herself collaborating with producer Chris Young. Together, they transform the project into a lyrically rich body of work filled with self-empowerment. The album includes moody tracks, including “Dear Life”, “Even When It Hurts” and “Bllue Light”. Listen and Save “Say What You Mean” to your Apple Music Playlists Here! To learn more about Em, make sure to follow her social media pages and check her website for updates! Em’s Website Em’s Facebook Em’s Twitter @em4yoursoul Em’s Instagram @em4yoursoul
  5. Em, the emerging alternative pop artist from New Jersey, has just released her new single, “Say What You Mean,” which can be compared to the likes of popstar Camila Cabello. The track is now available on streaming services Spotify and Apple Music, and is accompanied by a visually appealing music video. Watch the “Say What You Mean” Music Video Here on YouTube! The new single from the singer/songwriter dives deep into her personal relationships and what makes them last. “Say What You Mean” focuses on the idea of honesty and how important it is in any relationship. She is essentially sending her partner an ultimatum here – if they can’t be honest, it won’t work. It shows a vulnerable and raw side to the artist. The video directed by Parris Mayhew expands on this even more, with beautiful visuals and an even more beautiful message, a woman finding herself. Listen and Save “Say What You Mean” to your Spotify Playlists Here! Em has often said she draws on inspiration from iconic female artists like Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon, and Alanis Morrissette as well as legendary male artists Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Billy Joel…and it undoubtedly can be heard in her work. Listen and Save “Say What You Mean” to your Apple Music Playlists Here! The singer says “Say What You Mean” is about ‘wanting someone to love me with every fiber of their being…to be as sure of our love as I am.’ She is a hopeless romantic and aims to get that across in her music. Listen to the song now, you won’t regret it. To learn more about Em, make sure to follow her social media pages and check her website for updates! Em’s Website Em’s Facebook Em’s Twitter @em4yoursoul Em’s Instagram @em4yoursoul
  6. Pop star Olivia Rox encourages young people to “Go Vote”. Who says young people can’t have a voice in politics?! Olivia Rox is reminding her young audience and everyone in the United States that our votes matter with her latest pop release, single titled “Go Vote”. The song is available everywhere (including Spotify) for streaming now! Listen to Go Vote Here! Olivia was inspired to write this song after she was talking among some of her closet friends. She had asked them if they were going to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election. To her surprise, they had all said they were not going to because they felt that their individual vote “wouldn’t matter anyway…”. Olivia was saddened yet inspired by this; she thought if she can write a song to make a difference in the way young people thought about voting, then maybe younger people will feel more excited to vote. Olivia Rox is a hardworking singer, with “Go Vote” being just one of the many projects she’s been working on. Prior to the pandemic, Rox planned on embarking on a tour for her hit album Poprox which ultimately had to be cut short. The third single of the album, “Shooting Star” is charting at #54 on the Top 40 radio charts! Olivia Rox’s Poprox era has also spawned two critically acclaimed pop singles. The first two singles—“It Girl” and “Galileo” were received with praise and accolades from her many fans and music critics alike. In fact, Rox just released a remix to “It Girl”. While knowing she was not the only one suffering because of the state of the world, Rox decided to deliver this beautiful acoustic album as a gift to her fans, titled "Just a Girl & Her Guitar". The album showcases a different side of Olivia; one that is stripped away from pop and focuses primarily on her songwriting, her voice and her extraordinary guitar skills. It is definitely a side of her you want to check out up close and unplugged. www.OliviaRox.com Shooting Star- Single Poprox Facebook Live PopRox Album Galileo It Girl Just A Girl & Her Guitar
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