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  1. Generally any gig on an off-night that wasn't attended very well. The more people, the better. Promote, promote, promote. Don't expect the actual promoter to do everything. Promote your own gigs.
  2. The guitar is great. I would remix the drums. The kick drum is way too low and the guitar is way too loud.
  3. I do record and mix my own songs. However, it goes against the advice that I received in a music production course which is that it is generally better to get an outside ear to mix your music to take away the personal connection and provide an impartial mix.
  4. Hi. I'm from Canada. I play music in the genres of folk, punk, rock and metal. My main instrument is guitar. I have played in a variety of bands in the past but currently focus on solo music. I use Reaper for recording.
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