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  1. That is nice! I am going to guess you did not do this on garage band. Amazing how you got the background vocals. and the orchestral too.
  2. I don't know how you manage to play the guitars so slow but note for note, really love this. Weird laid back exact cover lol, LOVE this
  3. using metaphors isn't as hard as it seems, but sometimes it is. Just saying what you want to say but disguising it and putting it off on other people and things. It's funny, I tried to show an example of how easy it is but he example was horrible. Take a song with a lot of metaphors. i think hotel california has a few...and try replacing the metaphors you see with what they may be disguising. Another excercize is taking a brilliant song and replacing all the great words with bland words. It helps you see from the inside out in a way.
  4. I ran out of gas and I walked to the church the service was fine and the wedding was mine but I almost left you in the lurch i was three sheets to the mast for what it's worth when you gave birth staggered into the waiting room faces aghast this verse needs help for sure hahaha cho working chorus well baby didn't I just make it again don't check your watch cause here I am Running just behind of old big ben a little later than usual, but I got there in the end I'll try to start it at the wedding day and end it where she's in the hospital...(working concept) If anyone wants to help that's fine i'm not greedy even though i already stole it from two people lol
  5. I'm making it my next song, I swear starting on it this moment
  6. hahaha thanks! I'm going to have Fred Rodgers sing it lol
  7. 'A little later than usual but I got there in the end' makes me want to write a song with that line in it!
  8. I may as well say welcome too. peer pressure...
  9. KenyonL


    Oh, duh! Thank you Peggy and CCB!
  10. KenyonL


    Um where do I look for songs? Just what's posted here? I saw a song in another forum, or featured, but you couldn't click on 'comment' or any of the other options. I'm having a feeling everybody here is polished and promoted. I'm a decent songwriter but really have not much talent playing/singing/production/ wise so my stuff will be pretty laughable
  11. KenyonL


    Don't know how to reply without the quote feature. I have been to Blackpool, Liverpool and Stoke. Everton fan, made it over to see the Derby in 2015. The first time I saw Goodison...tears, I almost started balling! England was so great and all the English, besides my friends, are just so brilliant. I live in Shady Cove, Oregon via Ojai, CA. LOVE Oregon. Love rain snow and winter, and in summer love rivers and lakes so it's all great. Hard to believe anything called Biships Storford would be a dump, especially so removed from London. Of course, one would think a place called Oakland would be beautiful...I will find the forum and look forward to hearing people's music. I'm on the Reddit songwriter forum and everybody just awes me. Mostly everybody lol Cheers mate, see yer!
  12. KenyonL


    Thanks, not sure what to do yet or where to go. Mostly I just want to get some songs heard because...you know, ego problems... Thanks for saying hi. what part of Uk you in? By the way, no brag, just fact, I have written the BEST song in existence about Blackpool and didn't even need to mention Pleasure Island... Not the best recorded or performed song though
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