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  1. I distribute my music through CDbaby. They used to handle mp3's of the big artists. They decided to get rid of that and strictly help indie musicians get their music out there. However, they don't make it very easy. It costs 9.99 to put out a single or an album. I think if you want a pro release its more,,50 dollars. So a year ago I decided to go with a deal they had. It was almost half price. I thought I would use it in the future. So for unforseen Circumstances, I waited close to a year before it got released. However when I released it, they backdated the release to last year. So I sent a mesage through support and support said because I didn't notify them that I wanted the date this year. But if you want to purchase another album release, so you could have it with this years release it would cost you another 50 dollars. What a joke! I barely make my money back and then they do this to me. I told them," you guys don't make it easy" I had people say they can't find me on Itunes, yes thats true you need to dig deep. This comes from the website, with comments from me Your music on 150+ global platforms like Spotify & Apple Music- they do that yes Your tracks on video apps like TikTok & Instagram-only if someone uses it Free delivery to future platforms!-ok well thats a maybe Monetization with YouTube Content ID-If you have 1000 subscribers Your songs on discovery tools like Shazam & Jaxsta-good luck with that Consideration for promo services & playlist pitching-Ha ha too funny! Fast-pass verification on major streaming services- ok so this is a plus An easy way to claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel- yes true but refer to the 1000 subscribers Free UPC barcode & ISRCs-Yes that they do Access to our expert artist support team-If you want to call them experts? Powerful music marketing tools-Ha ha ha more money you have to spend. Does it work?Probably not Let me tell you this-Its a struggle to make a dollar. Its not all rosy like they make it out to be.
  2. While that is true to some extent, its not always. I liked at 14, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Slade, Nazareth, Rush to name a few. I could careless if I ever hear any of that now. I'm always seeking out new music. Its hard to find great music nowadays, but I have found a few. I can't stand listening to the radio. We have 6 or 7 radio stations in the area and allplay stomach turning classic rock. I sometimes wonder how people listen to the same songs over and over. Great songs when they came out, but after hearing them a billion times it gets very old. Its either classic rock or some rapper reciting bad poetry on a lot of radio. As for most original music that people who have written their own songs, on various forums, hardly a mention. Then you have Joe blow doing a classic rock song and they get a ton of comments.
  3. you really think Derek Sivers really cares? Your part of his paycheck and everyone else who uses cd baby, me included.
  4. I have made a few, here is one of my latest
  5. I ended up getting permission to record and release this song
  6. I just purchased Keylab Essential MK3 49, its a midi controller keboard that comes with Arturia Analog Lab V. It has over 2000 presets. Best bang for buck for a keyboard midi controller.
  7. Reaper! best 60 dollars spent! The community forum is one of the nicest forums ever. If you need help, they will help you. It took me 2 seconds upon opening Reaper and I was recording. Can't say the same for Cubase because it was a complete disaster. I asked for help and one guy tried to help me. Great person he was, as for the rest? Most said, "READ THE MANUAL" I read the manual over and over and it was frustrating and a disaster. I gave up! How much is Cubase?
  8. thank you both! no garage band, Recorded on Reaper DAW
  9. thank you Peggy, much appreciated
  10. Since its December I thought I would do a Christmas tune since I aquired the rights to put this out there.
  11. Hello all, looking forward to this forum.
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