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    Charlie Lang
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    lyricist,composer,audio recording, keyboardist, vocalist,some production.
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    Sting, STravinsky,Eric satie, Seal,Coldplay,Billy Joel,John Coltrane,Keith Jarrett, Bruce Hornsby, The Beatles,Kendrick Lamar,Lupe Fiasco,
    Rachmaninov, Steve Reich,STockhausen, Frank Zappa,Ricki lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report,Yes,King Crimson.

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    Recording,perrforms with band, Visual Arts (painter with oils)etc
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    United States of America
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  1. You are so positive and together. Congrats on that.I look forward to hearing the music and song.
  2. I might do it if we had a better way to reach each other. its not letting your email come through.
  3. well it was founded, thats ok. Not a bad argument, its nice here.
  4. chazlang


    The Nord has some nice sounds! There's no room onboard for any more patches. The action is kinda mushy but I'm used to it. The yamahas have a nicer action, more muscular.
  5. ah ok, thanks john.
  6. chazlang


    i just call her kiddens
  7. chazlang

    Lucid Sun Studios (Charlie Lang)

    studio pics
  8. chazlang

    Color Intense Art

    some art of mine-Digital
  9. Thanks so much my friend. I have to be an optimist. I enjoy being an optimist. Too much has happened to me and by me to be thinking about all the time. i love what I call "good intensity" To me the subject of Vincent van Gogh is a good kind of intensity if you can look past the crazy things that happened to him and he happened to. Your left with a beautiful body of work and the things he said in his letters, and the color he used so well and the style he made up. But he was aware of the bad things, somehow he transcended the bad things. That's what I hope to do and enjoy the good intensity. Of songwriting, recording, piano playing, entertaining in the band I'm in, singing and types of harmonizing or vocal arranging, piano arrangements and art that I do too. and I don't actually REMEMBER over 2,000 songs I wrote, I just remember tabulating along the way and it was about that many.I have a lot of work to do on learning recording well. I'm not so good at that but you can't do everything. Be well my friend and thanks for the points you made.
  10. Thank You Peggy, it's been a while since I was in a song forum, it's great to be back.
  11. I've gotten use to tragedy. but I've also written over 2,000 songs, so it's an ENERGY, at least that can be used for good. Thank You for the empathy John. It doesn't dominate my life, let's put it that way. Last time I was hospitalized- before that it had been 14 years. That's a long time to remain out of hospital.
  12. I'm glad to be here. Thank YOu, both of you.
  13. My name is Charlie Lang. I've been doing music since my father taught me to play piano by example. Hehad big working hands as he was not a professional piano player, he was in everything but music, a hard working man who just so happened to play piano by ear. He would make his left hand play like a stride pianist but without the right notes, he use dit to keep time. but in teh right hand he could play the melody to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head for instance. He unknowingly got me started. Wrote a song about Herbie The lOve bug at about age 6, and would do the twist as I sang it. "when he gets in trouble he's sad, when he gets in trouble he's mad, when he gets in trouble he's sad, he's Herbie HErb" I kept writing after that one,several songs over the years. at one point I strated entering and winning talent contests and one year sang Maybe I'm Amazed. That was the first year my parents heard me sing. I had 4 or 5 piano teachers, when I was 15 a Gifted and talented instructor for my school nominated me and as part of my project, I recorded at A&R Recording Studios where a friend of hers worked. after recording there I attended Berklee College of Music for two years. after that had studios of my own where 20 people recorded one summer..I was hospitalized for bipolar many times but kept up the music. and here I am at 58, still alive, remarkably to me, and still doing music. By now have as good a studio as I need and write and record songs, sometimes employing friends to play on my stuff. Oh yeah and by now have 4 released cds. Everything but the fame, and to this day I don't miss it..i never had it. My producer at A&r went into the tv business and ending up producing Wonder years and party of Five, but never helped me again, saying he didn't have his contacts anymore. Actually I think he started not liking what I was doing and that was the reason he bailed out. But that's not his fault, and as I said I think fame could be tricky for me, or could have been as the case really is, its out of my reach now, but I still enjoy recording, taking Berklee online courses (took 4 in the last few years)singing playing, and I'm in a band thats played 20 some times in the last year. I'm doing well.Pleased to meet all of you and hope to enjoy listening to your songs. Hope I can offer something.
  14. I think the track and the video are Great. The video is not literal- I like that, and the track rocks. it's not a style I'm that familiar with but shouldn't matter, the instruments are played well, the vocals are enthusiastic and on pitch, and there's a lot of energy. I would love to be able to make a video that calibur, all I've done are one cam performance videos with me on piano. I just don't find much negative about it. It's well produced.
  15. chazlang

    charlie lang

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