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  1. JO-The concern was singing in tune, not reaching the "High notes". Anyway, it's a non-issue now. I've bought Melodyne. JB.
  2. Nick; Thanks for your input. I listened to your example and you seem to have hit upon my problem. The one small part you seem to go off sounds EXACTLY what I deal with. I'm trying to find that test, but no joy. I found a similar one where you just listen to small portions of familiar songs and got 100%. The test I took a few years ago was based on pitches that are very close to each other. So close, in fact, that it takes a very keen sense of pitch to identify higher or lower. We're talking changes in closer than half steps musically. I really wish I could find it. JB
  3. Johnny, thanks so much for your response. I'd say most of the time I'm sharp. I think it's my ear insofar as sense of pitch. It's like I know what I'm aiming for, but it just doesn't wind up where I want it. Kinda like if you're myopic and trying to shoot at a target with a gun. You might be able to get close, but not the bullseye. The one ear in the headphone-I might have tried that at one time not recently, but I'll try it again. Thanks so much! JB
  4. I'm find myself having to deal with an increasingly difficult problem. I'm finding it more and more difficult to record vocals in tune. Does this problem come with age? Is there anyway to counter it? Is there any way I can monitor when I record that will help? My new PC setup, which is a laptop 2.1 GHZ processor Dual Core, 3 gigs RAM doesn't help with it's damned LATENCY! (and I've tried EVERYTHING with that issue). But I've struggled with this issue of the vocal tuning before the laptop. A few years ago, I took an online test for relative pitch and only scored 85%. Same results after taking the test three times. Can somebody give me suggestions? This is really depressing me. Thanks. John B.
  5. Hey there!! I would like to soon buy a laptop computer just for my music applications which are, for the most part, Mixcraft 4.5 and Magix Music Studio 14. Mixcraft should run in Windows 7 but MS won't but their tech support folks tell me that it might work in Compatibility Mode. Has anybody here used Compatibility mode with their music apps? If so, what is your experience with it? I know there are many tutorials on it, but I'd like to hear it first hand from somebody who's actually used it for this type of thing. Thanks John B.
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