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  1. Logic Pro is an easy DAW, so I use it. Pro 9, includes "Time Stretch" for editing. Super easy
  2. I never use click when I record my own songs. But when I'm engineering tracks for others, I ask others to use a click. Why? Most of them are used to recording vocals and guitar separately. Most clients expect it and think you're slacking if you don't suggest it. When editing a song, digging into production, etc. it's true that having a grid you can go by eliminates time and stress. It also sets you up for more digital manipulation. So, I ask clients to use click. But for my own recordings, I usually record live with acoustic and vocals and keep recording until the take is perfect. With a few years of practice, you get used to finding the feeling you need, go to that "place", and tap into your best performance in the studio. For me, a click would mess up the mood. It would take away the subtleties. It would vanish the purities. It would be incredibly difficult to follow when I'm trying with everything I am to express the stuff that needs to be felt intrinsically, for the music to become valuable to the listener. For me, the intangible stuff is what makes music valuable. Playing perfectly to click doesn't mean your song will make money. In this way, rhythm is a very fluid thing that I believe should be harnessed, not completely confined to a BPM. You'll know when you're off rhythm because you'll feel odd. But if a performance doesn't feel odd, it was the right rhythm, whether or whether not it syncs to a steady tempo.
  3. Hey Songwriters: Joey Hendrickson here. I founded the Columbus Songwriters Association in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio, and have been on mission to understand how and why songwriters connect, and to help all of us do it better. Interested in being apart of this songwriting community. Amazing time we live today, where songwriters around the world can come together. In our hometown, 150 songwriters have banded together to prove to our city that local music can be valuable to local business. We've had coffee shops, and pizza shops, and leather shops, and music shops, and all sorts of local shops begin to believe in us, support us at events, and allow us to distribute CDs within their retail spaces, for free. I've set out to do a couple of other projects too, to help our city connect with the music industry at large. One project is a music publishing documentary. I've attached a photo below of our interview with Stephen Finfer in Los Angeles this October. Stephen owns Arthouse Entertainment, including artist brands and music catalogues for songs by Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Cee Lo Green, Green Day, Miley Cyrus, and many more. Stephen and David Hirshland from BMG Chrysalis, as well as Chris Tyng from Futurama, VP of SESAC in Los Angeles, Kamal Moo music attorney, Head of Sync Licensing at Crush Management, and several others involved with Billboard Music and Television met with me to talk about the emerging effects of localized music and how music publishing really works today. I'm excited to share this learning with songwriters in the Midwest through the documentary we'll be releasing. But more important, I'm excited to connect with songwriters on new forums like this, have conversations, and share tools that help us all stay inspired and motivated to create music. Let's connect. Joey Hendrickson Founder of Columbus Songwriters Association
  4. Welcome to the forums JoeyHendrickson :)

    1. JoeyHendrickson

      Thanks John! How long has this website been up? How large is the community?



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