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  1. I totally agree with the previous response... co writing has to be open and honest, but some people don't seem to be able to collaborate. I too have had mixed results, some fantastic, some were .... mmm ... not so good. All were interesting and taught me some things however... This question prompted me to put in a request... I am searching For co-writer(s) This may not be the optimal thread/forum for this request, if there is a more appropriate thread/website/forum that is more geared to my question please advise and accept my sincerest apology. I write a lot, mostly guitar and piano type stuff, sort of a blend of very diverse styles. I like music with strong melodies, interesting vocal arrangements, and a lot of emotion, but also like rhythmic songs that have kick to them (or all of the above). Not sure I sound like anyone in particular but I am influenced by Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman (writes soundtracks for movies), and the Shins (how's that for a mess). Looking for someone that shares my love of strong melodies and fascinating rhythms. Over the years I have amassed a lot of snippets that I don't presently use. I have worked with co writers in the past and it has been a lot more interesting,and rewarding. Consequently I am seeking someone that may be interested in an online writing collaboration. Could be a one time shot, a train wreck, or a wonderful experience, but if if it works, obviously the hope would be for it to be ongoing. I use pro Tools 8 to record with
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