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  1. Finally made it to Cali, living in a hotel for about a month before i can close on a house

  2. the D.A.W. i use is FL Studio I have about a hundred little VST plugins that i use from time to time, but the ones i use most are: Izotope Ozone (mastering) Guitar Rig (Guitar amp Modeling) AutoTune (to help correct minor pitch flaws *i rarely use the so called T-Pain effect *) Addictive Drums (because my studio is too small to rig a drumset) Fruity Reverb, Delay, and Parametric EQ. My audio I.O. is Guitar Rig Sessions (it has a 48v Phantom powered mic input, two line level inputs, Monitor headphone output and L&R Main outs) I use an Ibanez RG for both bass and guitar (drop C over D *i have to use an octave manipulator to make the bass sound*) and two microphones. One dynamic Shure Sm57 and one condenser MXL V63M. Thats it =) the rest is just a couple years experience with DAWs and loads of free time.
  3. ive used it, and i have to say i was disapointed. The Exe version is not linked to the VST. so i made a preset for my guitar, then loaded it up into FL studio via VST and the presets were nowhere to be found... so i went back to guitar rig =)
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