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  1. Thank you for your thoughts... I am truly wavering on this... and appreciate hearing your 'gut feeling'... carol
  2. Dear Pope, Thank you for your advice... (advice form the Pope!!) the lyrics are copyrighted as a separate work.. with a new title (suggesting the original). My hope is to haggle and get some sort of agreement that allows me a modest portion of earnings (perhaps only after a certain $ value has been achieved).. I am quite prepared to enjoy the 'honour' if not the riches of a collaboration with jazz royalty - however, cannot feel comfortable about giving away all rights to my lyric forever. As I am also a composer, I can easily simply create another melody to suit these lyrics... though I enjoyed the idea of the creating of a song for singers from a well-known instrumental, and my lyric is particularly effective for the work in question, But I am toying with that as one choice... I have no intention of ever trying to claim a share of the composer's instrumental... only to retain some rights and earnings on my lyric contribution. However, the person i am dealing with - who helped obtain the acceptance of the 'adaptation' - is unwilling or unable to negotiate.... perhaps a lawyer would get farther... another option to consider (if I can afford it). thanks for the 'Satin Doll' link... I hadn't been aware that the Strayhorn estate had taken action against Ellington.... I can't blame them... 'collaboration' can get pretty messy, I guess... and one suspects Strayhorn did not get the credit he deserves... Good luck on your CD... enjoyed the track on your web-site!! Thanks again for your info and suggestions. carol
  3. once again - thank you.... that's a very interesting point of view... re. the moral rights... I should mention that it is the publisher's rep who acted as a conduit and secured the Wayne Shorter acceptance of two adaptations. From her letter: "If you feel you cannot sign these agreements, than please note that you may not under any circumstance release these songs, as it would be copyright infringement. " I guess you could say that is more than a suggestion.... thank you for the referral of Michael Geist. I am not familiar with him... but perhaps I can send a brief email... my personal email is: casjazz@islandnet.com if you want to send me his address... or I can track him through the U. of Ottawa... if you send me your email I will send you more of the letter from the music publisher..... it's kind of a weird scenario... trying to figure out the next step.. carol
  4. hi Lazz (hope that's right), thanks for the reply... (I know and enjoy your work with Pat Coleman, by the way) the song is Footprints (Wayne Shorter) I have talked to Terry and his opinion is: consider it an honour that your lyric has been accepted... what if everyone decided to write new lyrics to Beatles tunes.. don't expect any royalties (kind of an odd perspective for a rights organization...) I really don't care that much, but song might get recorded by others, picked up for movies etc... everyone would make something except the lyricist... I just don't feel good about signing that kind of a contract... also ties that lyric irrevocably to that song... and I lose control over it... must get permission to use it etc. publisher is suggesting that if I do not sign this contract I cannot release the tune... I don't seem to be getting very far negotiating on my own... it's a take it or leave it offer... I'm told. do appreciate your thoughts.... carol
  5. Can anyone offer some advice based on experience... I have written lyrics to a well-known jazz instrumental, and hope to release it on my upcoming debut CD (I'm a vocalist and songwriter). I was very pleased to have the composer accept my work as an official adaptation.... however, his mus. publisher (a huge one) has sent contracts which deny me any share of royalties on the adaptation... entertainment lawyers advise against signing, but the publisher does not seem inclined to negotiate one iota... I do not necessarily want to hire a high-priced lawyer if there is no hope of negotiating a better deal... on the other hand I am very reluctant to agree to the offered terms, where I lose all rights and earnings on my lyric... does anyone have any experience with these matters, or suggestions, I'd be grateful, carol s.
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