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    elvis costello, pete townshend, david bowie, jack white

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    notes, chords, melodies, rythm, emotion
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  1. about time you updated that profile pic ;)

  2. I put together this walk through of my studio and guitar collection, i thought some of you fellow music makers here, might like to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjGm8AtltWk it's taken about 7 years to go from one guitar and a couple of amps, to this present setup. piece by piece it was like this on the recording side. - Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 2 software - it's pretty simplistic, doesn't do midi (not that i'd know what to do with it!) but the interface is simple and more tracks than i've ever used, lots of effects and conditioning stuff built in. - Line6 POD XTLIVE - an amp modeler with over 100 amp, cabinet and effects box models.. it's usb in to the computer and acts as a soundcard. so very clean recording can be had. - MXL 990 condenser mic and PRESONUS tube mic preamp - these for vocals and acoustic recording have served very well. i went into the POD XTLIVE for years recording voice and it worked real well, the preamp warms up the vocals very nicely. those gave me everything needed to record pretty good quality (well with a decent PC of course), Cakewalk had a huge selection of drum tracks that came with the software, so for rock and roll i was set. when i re-purposed the room, i researched some way to not be subject to headphones, and added: - Peavey USB mixer - it also acts as soundcard and functions as my amp for the Line6, Keyboard, Computer, turntable... - Yamaha reference speakers w/subwoofer - these have become my main amp in the house now, the line6 out of these is really solid, you miss a little feel that you'd get through a tube amp, but really only a little. well that's my setup Kevin
  3. Here's a 9 minute study in guitar string bending... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWLw7nozO_U
  4. I use sony vegas and a muvi action camera (cheap one) and just wondering what you folks may think of it. let me know, what you think of the effects, or any other observations you may have. of bulls the matador fears - youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm_lWtqnExI kevin
  5. when i first started noticing - Carol King, Elton John then when i got into it - Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Nugent then my - Pete Townshend phaze then - Van Halen (and without me noticing David Lee Roth) then - U2 made a big impression then i came to grips with my love of - Elvis Costello (it had been 'round for quite sometime) upon acknowledging it, i began to realize just what a genius i felt him to be. - Guns and Roses had an impact. and i stalemated a bit after that.... then a friend turned me onto - The White Stripes; and Jack White has been knocking my musical sensibilities around since then. of course like most there are hundreds of others.
  6. really nice john. thanks for bumping it up. the talent out there in the world, never ceases to amaze me...
  7. well.... why not? I've often wondered about the 7 string, got close to buying one, but didn't pull the trigger. Are you versed in more than 6? 9 is a big jump, but possibilities are intriguing. I have always like the 12 string bass of Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson. Here's a link 12stringbass.net lots of droning tones and interesting groupings.
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