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  1. I would probably pass out if someone stole my guitar. It's the only thing I own that I consider irreplacable.
  2. Audacity is easy, functional, and fun. It makes punching in difficult, but it's fine if you're good at full takes. I used it for a year or so when just starting out.
  3. Man is he good! He also did that CowsCowsCows clip. Cows is super catchy and frightening.
  4. My girlfriend leaves her glasses caked with chocolate milk hidden in here. It's so messy that it sometimes take days to find them. Beer bottles, leads, books scattered everwhere, and about five guitars in this tiny room--and one funky, funky glass hidden somewhere.
  5. Is this program meant to be a vocabulary tool? There's no substitute for reading.
  6. That's lovely. A total accident on my part. I majored in lit at uni, and when I started researching narrative in music, I found I could apply everything I learned about prose to songwriting. As soon as I realised that, I was already noodling around on the guitar that it'd just be very improbable that I wouldn't end up writing some of it down. Besides, gotta do something, right?
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