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  1. You'd be surprised as to whom comes in to do business at a pawnshop. Especially our's, being we are the biggest in California It's the only place you can get a loan that's under like $10k under no credit, and just collateral. System is actually quite nice once you understand it. Anyways, the Robot wasn't that great feeling for me Anybody else feel the guitar feels a bit weak? not structurally but just like the tone and stuff?
  2. Taylor's are cool. I personally don't like their overtones but they are great guitars. Great for singer's/ and plugging-in. Martin is another brand which I like very much. Takamine has some nice guitars that are quite affordable. As far is unique, I guess maybe try the Dean Exotic series? I think that's what its called. I'm not a huge fan of their playability, personally, but we get some coming into my work once in a while, and they always have some crazy wood finishes and stuff
  3. Haha the topic is funny But yes getting your Shred on does require different techniques and playing styles. Learning your scales and arpeggios will be involved. And you need to work on your picking technique, rhythm, and work on finger excersises (like spider crawls, I don't know if that's exactly what its called). This topic is a weird thing (for me) to explain through text. But I'd just say don't get ahead of your self, and play to a metronome, SLOW. Don't rush your self.
  4. Right now I'm using: My macbook pro audio interface and arsenal of mics And the program Logic Pro
  5. I work at a pawn shop and one came in. My non-musician but pawn shop experienced manager thought it was a fake/replica Gibson haha They're cool but not my taste
  6. I was using Fruity Loops for beat sequencing and all the audio production and live stuff I did in Adobe Audition. I really liked Audition but I decided to upgrade to Logic Pro 9 as a replacement for both, as I got a Macbook Pro. I have not figured the program out yet :/ It's difficult for me to get a hold of. The workstation just feels so different, brings me back to a noob mindset, but I'm 'starting' to get used to it. It seems like a MUCH better program for the 'song writer'. It has Ultra Beat (which I think is worse than Fruity Loops, but some people beg to differ) And it has Mainstage (which seems to be VERY useful and quite flipping awesome for the live performer
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