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    compose music, but writing it down is troublesome.
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    Led Zeppelin, The Who, ELP, The Beatles, Mozart and Hayden, to Prokofiev and Shostakovitch,Jars of Clay, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant and many more. Coldplay and John Meyer

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  1. Thanks, I've been doing more than I need. The computer programs are a lot of work, just to make it prettier! I can write it on blank staff paper easy enough. Just the lead, straight off the guitar. Maybe add some guitar chords or bass line. Maybe not. I usually sing it into my mp3 player so I have that part done. Is low G to the first G on a guitar a decent range for a male voice? I have no idea. Seems to work for me. Obviously rock stars go higher. The kid on Idol goes way lower. Ken
  2. I've written about 9 songs. But only two of them are actually written as music. The rest are lyrics/poems, with music I have cryptically written down, or just sung into my mp3 player. I'm sure the rhythm is off on at least some of the ones that are written down, the parts are more free flowing. I used Anvil Studio to write them down. You have to put the note value in and press the fake piano keyboard. Not very easy when you're not a musician! How do you do it? Ken
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