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  1. David Earl (americana, roots, rock) at Avery's Creek Pizza&Ribs 9pm SAT: 1937 Brevard Rd, Arden #asheville #avl

  2. It's good to hear back after two years of being out of the loop

  3. Flint Zeigler (America, Folk, Rock) will be playing all night, Avery Creek PIzza &Ribs :1937Brevard Rd #asheville #avl

  4. "Cali-phone-ya" #ryanbingham Depression, Junky Star

  5. Raw tracks for the new Shaking Through video appear to be on the site. http://bit.ly/joakE4 #recordingstudio #asheville

  6. Ok....huhhhh #johnmarkmcmillan "Dress Us up" has a bunch of nice sounding phrases that if sung, leave me more feminine and less genuine.

  7. Just tapped into TKWebb. Really digging the sound

  8. Two huge tour buses just went by on Haywood Rd. I would guess that it was #mumfordandsons #avl #asheville

  9. Just saw #ryanbingham drive by my apartmenton Haywood rd with his bus and trailer. #asheville #orangepeel

  10. Just experienced some local bluegrass in Marshall, NC. It's fascinating to experience unaltered culture that is true and real. #Asheville

  11. Just finished up a mix for a client that is similar to #brookefraser and #thecivilwars -Good open space so the music can breathe

  12. Reading twitter with the "at" and "number' sign is like reading a kids book with character sounds everyone makes

  13. I don't know if I should cry or laugh. I'm almost more interested in who hires a band like that to come play, and that's funny I think.
  14. Thanks for sharing those videos. It's a good way to quickly learn the different options. I think that with most of those mics, they will add a bit of high end to the sound. I pry wouldn't trust the sm81 as much as he said with regards to natural sound, but if you like the sound then go for it. My favorite spot to mic the guitar is over the shoulder at the bridge using a small diaphragm. Surprisingly good balance of tone from the instrument. I also like MS technique out front, and at the bridge. This way there's no phasing. With regards to phasing there's a golden rule that said for a spaced pair, the distance between the two mics should be 3x the distance from the instrument. Now, you could get away with doing what sounds best, cause there are no rules! I like to put both mics in a pair of headphones in mono to listen for weirdness. I take one mic of it's stand so I can move it around freely as the person plays. If I hear any strange holes in the frequency, then I know something up.
  15. Let's try the link again: www.lumenaudio.com There we go

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