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  1. Hey everybody I'll be releasing a self recorded demo in the next few weeks for free. Well.. Whenever I reach 150 likes on my music Facebook page. You all have been great help since the beginning dealing with my music, and I'm happy to be able to share it with those of you who have enjoyed it so far. If you feel anyone you know who would enjoy my music - then pass my Facebook page along Thanks for everyone's time, past critique, future critique, and I can't wait to release to you all the far better recorded copies of my music. My music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mykalallen My music Soundcloud (Some rough recordings here) : Thanks for reading!.. /end shameless plug
  2. Pretty much along the same lines as Motu here. I've found some really cool artists that I've enjoyed in the backgrounds of films - I wouldn't mind getting a few of my songs into some independent movies as well.
  3. Definitely some great music so far.. Been giving everything I havn't listened to as unbiased of a listen as I can. Heres a song I feel really hit the mark perfectly.. It's new, but pretty undeniably great. Supreme vocal/guitar/bass/melody/catchiness/originality .. and many other things.
  4. Re-read old song lyrics and poems.. Didn't do anything with them, but a new life should be brought to a few of them soon.
  5. Also, enjoyed the song and video - Definitely worked together. You know you have the video posted for only people being linked to it being able to see it, right?
  6. I definitely need to download Itunes so I can buy this from you
  7. Well, I meant all the stuff before those points and after those points.. I was just mentioning the song changed progression, and what not.. haha..
  8. I'm talking about extremely simple drum parts, but of course, I understand it'll take an extreme amount of practice. Will more than likely be paying for some kind of lessons as well - I'd rather pay for lessons than hire someone or acquire software. I'd rather acquire at least some skill in drumming itself - I mean, if I can get my drumming to the "level" of my guitar playing (only been playing guitar for 4 years), then I'll be more than alright.
  9. As promised, a video example of them live where one of the guys drums and sings like a bad-ass. This is their three-man line-up, the guy on keys left a year or so ago. Their new album still kicks ass. Anyway, there are three awesome songs in this, including the one I posted so enjoy!!

    1. Gangleri

      Oh yeah, just remembered. there's a fourth guy there. Just to fill in the blanks for the rest of parts when they're playing live! As can be expected with songs as instrumentally dense as theirs..

  10. Hey all, I'm a budding songwriter and want to be able to introduce some drums to my music.. I've posted around looking for someone to drum, but it doesn't seem like there are many drummers who are interested in my genre of music. My real question, though, is what kind of drumset should I get? I play fairly simple music - and dont plan on playing any kind of heavy metal/double bass required.. whatever music, haha. I'm not sure if I should invest in an electronic drumset.. or an actual drumset. I'll probably only really be using drums for the recordings themselves.. if it came down to it I would probably be able to find someone to play my drums parts for me live.. but untill then I guess I'll be up on stage with that acoustic alone. Or maybe even get Superior Drummer, one of those programs.. but I have no real idea of how to play drums.. so.. You can check out a few of my songs.. although they aren't all ready for drums, you can at least get an idea. I really dont want to spend far too much - just enough to get a good enough sound for the style of music I do?
  11. Great suggestions so far everyone.. Ive listened to every sing song suggested, even the ones that I'd knew very well. I'm a big fan of that Kings Of Leon song.. really does defy that verse/chorus/bridge structure - And still made it well onto the radios and mp3 players of many. Gangleri - thanks for that unique suggestion.. Im definitely a fan now, and I'd never heard of them before. I'm a solo artist and trying to get skilled enough at bass/drums/ and my trusty old guitar so I could get to that level where I could just switch.. it'll definitely be a while for drums, haha.
  12. There is no video of this guy playing this song.. and I've spent a few hours trying to put this all together, but I guess I'm pretty much a failure at playing back what I hear.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFJbwoq59b0 Maybe one of you all could offer your help? Theres a change up around 1:50 then another at 2:05..
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