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  1. A nice post. I've not done a lot of stereo recordings of me playing guitar but I'm really interested in trying that more. Only problem is I now only have a dynamic (SM57) and a condenser (Rode NT-55). Surely the big difference in tones that you'd get from the recordings of each microphone wouldn't lend itself to trying to making a balanced stereo image. I'm guessing there are creative ways around it though, like throwing the brighter and more defined condenser recording to the back with a bit of reverb and maybe short delay so that it sparkles a bit more in the back while the dynamic recording stays more in front.. Or something. Does any one else have any thoughts or experiences with recording with such different microphones?
  2. This was a great post and something I've been thinking a lot about recently. Been trying to stay focused on keep a good stereo and frequency balance in my latest mixes. I used Logic Pro and have occasionally broken out that stereo spreader plug-in but not really known exactly how it works on a technical level and therefore not how best to use it. Can anyone explain what the graph and the sliders there are actually indicating and how to understand what moving them around does to the signal? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, very useful pointers there, very worth working that into your big-picture-marketing-scheme. Overall however, I'd put forward that Twitter will in most cases not take you too far in building up a genuine following of sincere fans of your music. This is mostly based on Twitter obviously not being used as a way of discovering music. You probably already know this but Soundcloud will be your best resource for developing a Twitter-like following of people who actually like and appreciate your music. Not shouting down Twitter or saying that it's not useful or a waste of time. It's just better for connecting to new fans on a less musical level. If you want people to follow you through your music then Soundcloud will probably be the best place to spend your efforts. Still, Ricks84 gave us very good tips for Twitter and they shouldn't be ignored and nor should Twitter not be used at all. Different uses, different needs, that's all.
  4. Hey guys, I've got a feeling that there might be a topic similar to this one out there somewhere so I'm sorry if I'm wasting people's time but I got a message yesterday that I want to respond to as quickly as possible but don't know what to say... So a friend wrote to me saying that for her course she's helping put together a film festival this year and they're making a showreel for it. She asked if I had any appropriate music for the showreel which I think I might do, but if not then I would consider writing her something quickly just so I can get the gig. Basically I have two questions. I haven't copyrighted my songs yet properly. I've only recently found John's post on how to do that and I'm basically waiting for some money to come in before I get to it. Is it then a terrible idea to give her my song to use? I was even thinking of cutting and reorganising the original track around a bit so it would fit more with the beats and actions of a 1 minute showreel, would that mean having to copyright that version too? Is the handy trick of posting the the song and all the project files from Logic etc enough to cover me this time round in case something happens? And my second question is, she asked me what my fee was and to be honest I've got no idea. These are students and I'm (probably) not going to be composing music specifically for them so what exactly would my "fee" be? I'm in the UK but I'm sure pricings are similar in most places so any input would be great. Again, I realise that this has probably come up before as a topic. I need to leave the house for the day very soon and want to get back to her by tonight so sadly didn't have time to peruse the boards. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi John this might be a silly question but this is all very new to me still. When you say create an ISRC code and "encode it into your master", how do you that exactly (the encoding part that is)? You might have explained it in the post, I'm just not sure if I understood it. Also, just in case you care, I noticed a small typing error in the first line of the paragraph before step 3. Just a heads up! Thanks for this post though, it's very useful and will definitely put my mind at rest after putting it into use.
  6. So I'm looking to go down the route of doing film, tv or theatre music. I enjoy it, have experience and I think I work better when I know I have a project to work against, not only in terms of having deadlines but I like setting music to things. My question then is, is there anyone out there that either is a film/tv/theatre/whatever composer that knows how the land lies when it comes to using agents to get work? I'm not actually looking to do this just yet, despite having a good looking CV for it at the moment, I'm still looking to build my portfolio, not to mention my experience and knowledge. I just want to know for the future what the deal with having an agent is. Any thoughts?
  7. As promised, a video example of them live where one of the guys drums and sings like a bad-ass. This is their three-man line-up, the guy on keys left a year or so ago. Their new album still kicks ass. Anyway, there are three awesome songs in this, including the one I posted so enjoy!!

    1. Gangleri

      Oh yeah, just remembered. there's a fourth guy there. Just to fill in the blanks for the rest of parts when they're playing live! As can be expected with songs as instrumentally dense as theirs..

  8. Hey mykalallen, very glad you liked them! As far as I know they're totally unique, both in style and approach. I've seen them live (with the two-man line-up) and the member who drums when they play the songs live is ridiculous. I'm like you and my drumming is just non-existant, could never get it to a recording standard, but he's incredible and he can sing whilst he plays the drums which is always a big musical turn-on for me. I'll post you a video to show you (not on here so it doesn't clog up the nice clean thread)! And they seem like nice gentlemen which is always a plus.
  9. Hi Tom, Thanks for replying, I absolutely agree, I'm starting to see the discrepancy in the design, it's not coherent and it doesn't tie things together. Excellent, at least that's decided on and I know I should change it! Not sure exactly what just yet but I'm sure I'll find something! Cheers!
  10. Thanks Mahesh! I really appreciate it, I have to admit that I'm pleased with it. Thought maybe the levels or the balance of the instruments towards the started to lose its tightness but I'm overall happy with it, an often rare occurrence! Cheers!
  11. I recently did some music for a company that makes online videos that help with educating kids on loads of school topics. I'm really excited and buzzing about it, it's close to being my biggest break so far in terms of tasty CV entry. Basically I'm sharing this to everyone so sorry for the shameless self-promotion here but have a look and see if you like it! Also, this isn't really just for self-promotion, I'm a guy who really genuinely appreciates feedback and criticism! There's nothing I can or will change in the music or the mix (as it's already been sent to the comapny and I've got other things to work on etc etc) but if you have any thoughts for next time or things to think about then it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Good comments, enough for me to know that I should probably change it, just to be on the safe side. Thanks a lot guys, very helpful!
  13. So recently I changed the design of my Bandcamp site (a site that hosts your music for people to buy from) and I uploaded a much fancier header/banner that I made with my name on it and stuff. My housemate came down and immediately insulted it but that's his way and so I immediately ignored him. Because he can be a dick like that. But now whenever I go on the site, I genuinely feel like my eyes are a bit like "gah, no, wtf!". Either there's something in the sharpness or colours of the image or it's my head playing tricks on me because my housemate's comments got to me. Could you guys have a look? I promise this isn't a shameless way to direct traffic to the site (though I'd be lying if I said that I minded!), it's just I'm sure we can all agree that having a site that doesn't look good will immediately turn people off you and I don't want that to happen at all. Any comments appreciated, here's the site.
  14. Ok this is an old-ish post but I'm bored I'm hoping this might be of some use to you if you're quite new to music and music theory. Sorry if you already know this!! Exactly what Jim622 said, familiarise yourself with chord structures for keys and that's a really good way to start because a lot of popular songs don't deviate from their home key and so harmonically follow the same chord structure throughout. Let's use C as our example as it's easiest. For the C Major scale, your chords are: C | Dm | Em | F | G | Am | Bdim In most cases, if it's a minor song then it's likely that the minor chord structures of that key are exactly equivalent to what is called the "relative major" of that key. To find the relative major of a minor key, go UP three semitones (three frets on a guitar). Conversely, to find the relative MINOR of a major key, go DOWN three semitones. (The reason I say it's "likely" is that there are actually a few different minor keys. There are also different major keys too but the different minor keys more often yield different patterned chord structures. Another lesson, another time!) So the relative minor of C Major, if we go down three semitones we get to (B, Bb and then) A, so it's A minor. And lo and behold A Minor has exactly the same chords as C Major. Same goes for D Major and B Minor, Ab Major and F, C# Major and Bb Minor (probably dicking on enharmonics with the last one there, I'm losing my attention to detail, don't hold it against me!). All of these pairs of keys have the same chord structures as each other and it's pretty much exactly the same chords as the ones I wrote out above but just shifted to a different key! (To illustrate that, the F Major chords are F | Gm | Am | Bb | C | Dm | Edim, same pattern just different pitches!) The basics of music lies with THESE CHORD PATTERNS. If you want to start experimenting with putting chords to your lyrics then these chords will get you started. Like I said, so many big dogs get by using only these kinds of chord patterns. The most commonly used chords are the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth (for C that is: C, F, G and Am). This might be all stuff that you already know and I'm sorry if that's true!
  15. Being Icelandic and a sentimental little soul, I think I'd have to pick a Sigur Rós song. Decided this would be my funeral song many years ago and I'm pretty sure it'll remain so for a while. Should probably write it down..
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