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  1. I am still on the OTTO mailing list so I got their new viral (or whatever) site. It's two guys wreaking havoc on various overpriced trendy items (I guess to point out that you would want to buy something for the right price that isn't trendy, therefore OTTO). Funny: http://www.wehatetrendystuff.com/
  2. I probably won't be using this so figured I would pass it on, OTTO sent me a code, FREESHIP, it's for 10% off their 10% off their bluetooth car kit: www.hearotto.com/Products_OT2.aspx or the headset/mp3 player they make: www.hearotto.com/Products_OT3.aspx and free shipping.
  3. I always try to do a little research about whomever I'm trying to make contacts with. Like, if I go to a show I'll research everyone that the performers have ever worked with, that way if I meet someone there and recognize their name I can impress them by being like "Oh, you worked on the so-and-so project, didn't you?" and pull out the most obscure thing that I know about them. It takes extra time on my part, but I really think that people remember me because of it.
  4. I am good at mastering, but I can't master my own things, I need distance from the material to do it.
  5. I don't find my ears getting tired or that the headphones are uncomfortable, though the set I have has a slightly different design than the pair on that website. My plain reason for liking them: they sound better. Dunno why, I've had the same thoughts about price that were listed here, but the actual quality of the audio is more attractive to my ears than any other set I've tried. My instinct is that they are actually a better product for a cheaper price, and that the drawback is the way they look (not all modern and streamlined) which just isn't important to me. That instinct might come from their marketing, but as I've used their headsets before I ever saw the marketing I don't think so. When I go to buy any audio product I always choose a high end store and then blindfold myself to compare products, I only want to make my choice based on the way something sounds, not on any prior knowledge of the brand.
  6. My husband works as an EMT and because of that I sometimes get nifty toys. One of my favorites are these super-durable OTTO headphones they use, which due to the nature of what’s being transmitted over them are incredibly durable and have excellent audio quality. I found out from my husband that they are now making these for consumers: http://www.hearotto.com/About.aspx I am an audiophile and have experienced lots of headphones, but even the Sennheisers I used when I worked as an audio engineer don’t match up to what’s available in the “emergency industry”. Nice that they're available to people other than the wives of EMT’s, and looks like the price is decent too.
  7. You know, I honestly don't know. I was searching for something, this site came up, and I lurked a little and found you guys witty and civilized... and here I am.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes! I don't play any music, but I can record it. I used to work in sound for films, was a foley engineer (live replacement of sound effects using a person who walks or manipulates props in sync with the film... like coconuts for horse hooves), so I know how to record things. I always set up the PA for my musician friends. My cats names are Sturm and Drang.
  9. Hi there, name's Chloe, I live in S.F. with two great cats. I'm a nutrition educator, into fitness and outdoor stuff. Not sure what else to say about me, I love music, all kinds, especially NEW music that I haven't heard! (IT doesn't have to be newly released). Hope to get to know you soon.
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