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  1. "And the night isn't black But a dark shade of blue " Really like that line, it's a great ending. I think this would make a good song!
  2. Hey HoboSage, thank you for the helpful advice. I agree that first verse needs some tweaking haha
  3. Wow, this is chilling in a way. It reminds me of some poems I've read in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Favorite Line: "ive learned to love to be kind, from your demons i am free. sorry mom im better than you, ill never be what you tried to make of me"
  4. Wow been a looong time since I've been active on this site. Missed it so much and still continuing my writing. This is just a short rhyme I'm working on putting into a longer song. For now its just a short introspection. Is it ironic that my dreams leave me exhausted? Maybe it's just me that doesn't get relief from a deep, dark sleep. Maybe I'm crazy. Lonely, for sure. Like I'm clawing the walls to find a cure. Yet I've built those walls so thick No emotion, no light can penetrate it. As much as I hate it, it's a gift I cut people out like they don't exist. Regret doesn't remain, I doubt it was ever there. In order to feel emotion first you have to care. By Erin Ferrier 2013
  5. Thank you I changed the word! Lol. Thanx for the feedback, you're very kind
  6. So This Is Love... By Erin Ferrier Twinkle my little star I don't care how far you are I can see you sparkle, I know you shine I could never leave something so beautiful behind. You are mine and I am yours Perfection radiates from your pores Like the diamonds in your eyes A magnetism you can't disguise We could stop the hands of time Love stays youthful and in its prime. It's uncontrollable, a powerful drug Stops my heart with a simple hug. Almost takes away my breath, Leaving us together until death.
  7. thanx for reading and the feed back. I don't want to come across as a downer lol! I just find I write things when I'm down more often then when I'm happy. I'm workin on it tho!
  8. This is such a big story in a lil package, if that makes sense haha...its a good thing. If I were you I'd def. try to expand on it.
  9. Every Day Fears By Erin Ferrier Scared of the future Because of all my past doubts Unsure of where I'm going And who I'll be without. Never want to show my fear Don't know what they'd say In their eyes I'd be so weak My outlook is so grey. Unknowingly they've allowed All my heartache and fears Just by being silent And not seeing my tears It's hard living in shadows Shrouded by the dark When the love I want to know Will never surround my heart. At the end of the day I know the sun will rise again But as the night enfolds the earth I fear I've lost my only friend.
  10. As Good As It Gets By: Erin Ferrier My pen is a dagger, And my words are blood splashed on paper. Emotions come in floods, wash my sanity away. I never asked you to stay, didn't seem to care either way. But I was silent because I couldn't speak Thoughts would creep, but wouldn't leave my lips So you jumped ship, telling me it's gonna be a long trip all alone. Thats how it's supposed to be, I was born lonely. Now there's no turning back I never lost my footing or fell off track I just kept my mind busy so my mouth wouldn't run. You assumed I was hopeless and I knew you were focused On acquiring trophies of lust and I don't shine like the rest I don't survive to impress and you can't relate Don't understand you can't choose you're own fate. So now I sit and wonder, maybe if I shined brighter You would have loved me better. Maybe this is as good as it gets.
  11. Yeah i know the feeling!! Ironic and a good read.
  12. I'll work on maybe expanding it...see how that goes. Post it if its any good. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply
  13. Thank you i really appreciate the feed back i will use your suggestion. Although it could be a verse for a song I never really intended for it to be, just a lil poem I thought up.
  14. If there was a wishing well Like in stories I've been told Then maybe all the clouds Would have a lining made of gold I'd never feel sorrow, never shed a tear In this perfect world You'd still be right here.
  15. Hi, I'm brand new here! just looking for an outlet where I can share some of my lyrics with other writers and performers. I have a different style a bit of hip hop rhymes and poetry stuff. Nothing too major...maybe one day ha!
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