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    like all types of music, but think harry chapin was one of the best lyric writters that ever lived r.i.p harry

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  1. when the Kinks were banned from America Ray came into his own as a storyteller . Beatles three minute pop kinks story songs , know she's leaving home a story song but from a few years after the kinks started doing them bought ( don't have any music or stream media ) Dave Davies live at the Bottom Line . great album . personal opinion
  2. for me born early 50's when the kinks came around thought they were and still are amazing , saw the who in about 65/66 at a small venue in Aberdeen . back in those days no barriers you could touch Roger Daltrey . then 1972/73 heard W.O.L.D by Harry Chapin loved the song and from there bought all the albums . a great story teller but like most of them except Dylan , hardly even know today , favourite song ? to many but really like Taxi then sequel years apart but the same story beginning to end cant link it / john
  3. a lot of people thought Lady GaGa was just some pop singer until she did the duet with Tony Bennett
  4. this is a Bristol band . I like their sound . the banksy is on a wall in Bristol
  5. the girl really having a good time . saw K.D in Bristol .many years ago and wow when she sings this song . one of the best versions .Personal opinion .
  6. two sad Christmas songs sorry if they make you cry . as they do to me
  7. pretty sure Godley and Creme used no guitars on the album goodbye blue sky. mostly harmonicas but agreat album PO . but don't think it got recognition it deserved , that is a harmonica being held up to look like a bridge
  8. Harry Chapin a great lyric writer and a hero of mine he gave so many concerts for charity and also lobbied ( hope i spelt that right ) for changes to the welfare bill in USA . been on my playlist since i first heard W.O.L.D in 1972 .
  9. like to flick through you tube maybe put in a word or name and hope to find something or someone that sounds special well here is someone i have never heard before and think yes i like this sound . ps Joe Jackson refused to make videos for mtv . and that is one of the reasons he fell out of favour but still a great artists
  10. feels like a lot of great solo artists got left behind after Ed Sheeran became popular - but the talent never dies it just gets ignored
  11. Sreyashi is it a love story or a story of loss . well it certainly makes the mind work > and nice work john
  12. scotsman89

    Sliver of A Moon

    really like it he does it justice john
  13. Mozex I find it strange that your music preference changes I still listen to the music I liked . well still like would never think of not listening to all types of music . you never know what will make your ears perk up and your feet start tapping john
  14. listening to my i.pod classic 2nd series listen to it almost every day maybe only a couple of songs at a time other times for an hour or more . have over seven thousand songs on it so mostly on shuffle . just had Steve Via > still my bleeding heart, the one before that was a classical music song > well music nice to mix it up john
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