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  1. Hi Everyone, I know there's no secret formula or one answer out there for success in the music industry, but if we can shine light on some areas that an artist may overlook, maybe we can help better their chances to succeed. I believe that if artists were to pay as much attention to their personal development as they do their professional development, they would learn to work smarter, adapt to change, cope with various circumstances and ultimately better their chances of success in the music industry. The questions below are in regards to an up and coming musicians personal attitudes, mindsets and capabilities to deal with the music industry and the trials that they are confronted with. We can assume that the individual or band is hard working and already doing all the necessary things (press kits, mailing lists etc), what we want to know is "After all that hard work, why can't they make it?" and "How do they stay committed?". Please feel free to elaborate and give examples: 1. What are 3 common issues/weaknesses that prevent an artist from developing a successful career in the industry? 2. Most, if not all musicians struggle with financing their living expenses in the early stages of their career, particularly if they have wife and/or kids. What advice can you give to budding artists to help better manage and prioritise their limited income that they receive from their business? 3. An artist can be required to balance a "9-5" job, family/friends, gigs, interviews, meetings, practices, recordings and in some cases all of the above. What are some tips that can help someone achieve a good work/life balance yet still remain focused and achieve success? 4. Is age a factor and should artists be conscious of this? or should age be ignored and the individual encouraged to pursue their career regardless? 5. How can an artist overcome high expectations when it comes to physical appearance? How can they best cope with judgement? 6. What are 3 areas you think an artist should personally develop before attempting to sign a record deal and/or make a living off their music? 7. I've worked with a lot of individuals who are naturally talented, and build their confidence on this talent. On the flip side, you have individuals who aren't as talented but have the work ethic. What you end up with is the "Turtle and the Hare" story. The talented artist can build and talk themselves up so high that they become fearful of failure. What are some ways an artist can keep level headed and conquer a fear of failure? 8. Do you have anything else to add? Thanks in advance for all your input.
  2. Hey itsGoodness Love the articles...in fact, loving the blog. Working in artist management/development, I know how daunting it can be for artists and managers alike when they're putting together their first (professional) press kit. Surprisingly enough there's not much useful information that hasn't been regurgitated by other blogs. Me, like most people, prefer a step-by-step explanation and your articles did that. Great work mate. I've bookmarked, liked and followed
  3. Welcome to the forums klamsam :)

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