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    Bash Road
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    I still dont know if I have any!
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    WOW!!!,beatles,jeff beck,pink floyd,hollies,acdc,..thislist could go on and on,clapton,OHHHH to many to list.

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    Playing gtr. writting little diddys,fishing,and doing any thing else my WIFE says!!!!Yeah that a happen!
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  1. To answer you, I would say its the gtr I play and the mood Im in that brings my songs to life! I offten dont mean to write(dont sit down w/Im writting a song ) in mind, it just happens when everything gtr., mood, chords and sound comes together Sometimes a bad mood works better than a good one! I think its all about feeling a song,you know when its right! Steve
  2. check out a post by jim in this area (gtr practice site) that might help! Steve
  3. Hey Nice Jim!! Added to my favs. already! I run my comp. through my pa and go to town Thanks nice post! Steve
  4. Hey Carl as all posts have said its a matter of taste but as a long time gtr player I would say learn on accoustic gtr as from there on when you pick up an electric its all down hill from there.I started when I was 7 and my mother had to find someone to teach me at that age cause many said I was to young!? and I learned on an accoustic ,yup your fingers bled ,hated that half hr a day for yrs! Now yrs later and my mother not with us any more( rip mom) I could not thank her enough for making me practice that 1/2 hr a day! I have something she gave me that I love and will always love! Carl you now how to get to carnigie hall right? Steve
  5. Hey There I"ve been using an M-audio Nova for yrs and it is a great all around mic ! It was really cheap, but I have to have total silence in the house when I"m using it. I dont even know if they make it anymore..well thats my 2 cents (oh I sometimes use a Shure SM 57 to mic amps) Steve
  6. Hey There! You can check my songs out in the critiuqe section of this site under timewave,Thanks Steve
  7. I play an big baby Taylor acc/elect and I love it ,so I guess I would say try some cheaper Taylors next time around.
  8. You may also try a open E pent. form over the Gmaj7
  9. Welcome to the forums timewave :)

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