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    I have experience working in collaborations involving language translations into English lyrics.

    I am interested in collaborative projects but I also respectfully ask that any of my work posted here is not used without my prior permission, thank you.



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  1. I was so sorry to hear this news, thank you for letting me know, John. RIP Steve.
  2. Hi Imusicule I admit I did not know this beautiful song by Birdy so I listened to the orginal then I listened again to yours along with the lyrics. I can see you are from Turkey, so well done on this cover in English and, although it is a vocally challenging song, you have quite a wide vocal range which certainly took me by surprise! I'll look forward to hearing more from you and well done on posting this cover. Janeva
  3. Well done on your Toto cover. I was watching some Youtube videos of Toto recently which took me right back, I particularly adored their song 'Hold the line' which is one of my absolute favourites from that era. I liked what you did visually with the video and it followed the song well. Don't worry if you don't feel you have enough musical knowledge, you have already achieved much more than many (including myself!) could do. Keep enjoying it, that is the most important thing! Janeva
  4. Daren, your phenomenal musical talent, knowledge, humour, generosity and friendship is forever missed 😞

    1. Janeva

      I just realised it's almost a year to the day since I last visited your profile, missing you Daren, rest easy my friend.

  5. I was thinking surely Mahesh is about 20 now!
  6. Just reminiscing some of the 70s stuff I loved it when Paul said ♥️🎸 'Take me down, Jimmy!' ♥️🎸 Good to see Linda, too ♥️🎹
  7. Happy Birthday, Lisa, hope you have a great day!

    1. Lisa Gates

      You are so sweet! thank you my friend!


  8. I'm not a musician but, from what I have experienced, creative people in general can appear to be prone to depression and anxiety. It seems to be the case, from what I have personally seen, is that people with such issues can be searching for ways to express themselves, whether that be in music, dance or other arts. Also, when someone has expressed themselves in this way they can become more stressed if others do not understand or appreciate their work. In many ways, if using music or art to work through issues is helping the person, it is such a personal matter - who cares what others think. The problem, of course, is when this is the person's income which may be allowing them their basic living arrangements. It is so sad to see so many who have succumbed to their depression, drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, how many musicians have said that their music saved their lives? The chicken and egg analogy is a good one.
  9. Janeva

    ARCH NE gig poster (UK)

    It must be a good feeling to be able to help. I am now following the charity on Twitter.
  10. Janeva

    ARCH NE gig poster (UK)

    I must admit I hadn't heard of Arch, but I have just read up on them. Hope the gig went well!
  11. Cool photo. I was thinking, though, this is what I need to do with my hubby's trainers.
  12. Hi Mahesh Congratulations on all your achievements so far. This interview is fab, really great publicity for you. Love the video! Best wishes with your continued success! Jan
  13. Janeva


    Fab! ....love dogs eyebrows
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