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  1. Thanks for the great words of wisdom! I bought the 2012 Songwriters Market guide and am targeting a few music publishers. I've also been eyeing NSAI and their critique service. Thinking about trying a couple submissions first (onacounta that's virtually free) and if I don't get anything positive back, take the $200 NSAI plunge to get some more detailed critique on the songs. I also have a friend who is starting up his own production company, and is offering to do the recording and mixing at a really good price ($100 a song). So I've commissioned him to do my 3-song demo and am crossing my fingers what I get was worth the money. Any thoughts on this particular approach?
  2. Good morning! I have a question I can't seem to get answered objectively. I'm a non-performing songwriter. I can sing and play guitar, but am not interested in performing. My plan is to submit a demo CD to a music publisher for the purpose to having my songs recorded by other artists. So....how good does the quality of these recordings need to be? I have bought myself some decent equipment, am recording my guitar, vocals and harmonies on separate tracks and mixing them myself. I think I get a pretty good sounding song. Is that good enough, though? Do I really need to hire a music studio to record and mix my demos? As I've never sold anything yet, I really don't have the money to pour into something that may never happen. And when I search for recommendations, it seems the people who always say you need a top notch recording are the ones who own recording studios (can you say conflict of interest?). Any suggestions?
  3. Welcome to the forums LoriBee :)

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