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    Im good at making up music! But when it comes to writing lyrics? Im afraid thats where I fall short!
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    love classic and some of the new rock I played in a country band for a few years so I also gained a love for country as well!

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    Im the bass player in the band Im currently in! But I also love to sing! Thats why I joined SingSnap! You can check me out in there under user name flashman107!
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  1. Hi Im new to this site I have been a bass player for several different genres of bands over the years. I never really did get to good on the six string as you will hear when ya listen to this! But the last band I was playing split up so I decided to sit my fat ass down and try my hand at writing and recording my own material! So I bought a little audio interface that came with Pro Tools SE and this is one of 7 songs I wrote and recorded with it! Let me know what ya all think
  2. Im a bass player and a singer!

  3. Welcome to the forums flashman107 :)

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