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  1. How do you tell when your music is too busy? Often times the players aren't paying attention to each other when they write their parts. As a result they're not actually writing parts that go together, they're just playing their parts together. This is a lack of cohesive teamwork within the songwriting strategy. Here is a hilarious example of this in a youtube presentation I put together. What do you think? [media=]
  2. I have very specific advice for you as a 20+ seasoned writer. First off I want to say that this approach is very effective as I have split tested it to be the highest % of quality based on simple math as you'll see in this video. I want to say first off most musicians scoff at this un-conventional method. (I can only assume they don't have the skills to execute this method because they haven't really practiced it) Generally speaking most musicians are very vague about how they approach music and usually only write a decent song by occasional accident. i will say that I started out just like them with the usual write the music first & piece songs together approach for many years and mastered it however, this video introduces an older approach used by seasoned writers which consistently produces far better results but feels awkward the first few times you try it just like anything else. Cheers [media=]
  3. Is it just me? I don't get it... Every time I listen to a local artist it's obvious to me that they wrote the music before the melody. Why on earth would you want to reduce your melody options by going at it that way? A given progression always reduces your note choices. Make your melody shine by itself first... then you have a good starting point right? Here is a note melody experiment I created to show the insane difference this makes. What's your opinion?
  4. Welcome to the forums ComposerZeus :)

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