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200 Years Of Songwriting Terminology

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I'm thinking, as I'm reading, how damn glad I am to have crossed creative paths with you Lazz.

Over the past, however long it's been, I have from time to time, thought about the discussion you and Kenny had about this topic. Recently, I actually came to understand the point you had made then. I have been writing more AABA and less VCVCBC as a result.

I probably misunderstood the point you were making but I came to understand it this way.

If the chorus© = refrain®, then: AR, AR, B with or without R, AR. That would essentially be VCVCBC. Now, that form would sometimes appear as my structure and sometimes not. I didn't adhear to it stricly in the sense that there wasn't always a refrain at the end of the A section but that's nothing new for me. I didn't make a rule of it.

So, just as I start experimenting, along comes this new, updated version with lots of words I don't understand in a beautifully expressed admiration for songwriting sritten with the utmost respect for the craft.

Well written, a great read. Thank you.


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Gentlemen, gentleman.


To the indefatigable messrs Hoffman and Perrett: shining wits both (as the reverend Spooner might say) I think it's been done before. And my choice would be 'Gladys'.... Isn't that what Rod the Mod used to call Elton the Pinner penis pianist in the days of Steam Packet ? Elkie Brooks, eh ? Such exquisite tonsils !

Thanks John and Andrew. Yes - there are/were other typos - more towards the end when I was rushing and exciteable.

(Reminds me of another drummer joke)

Tom - that is a lovely outburst.

You sign-off with the nicest of compliments.

I remember Kenny - and my disappointment that we didn't actually achieve the luxury of a discussion.

Nonetheless, the attempt made we want to put something down about the muddy topic - so eventually I did.

A book, Steve ?

But there are only three chapters I can think of.

Maybe tomorrow....

(Nice idea)


Also thanks to Vera, in make-up.

And I'd like to thank me Mum.

Funny thing, this ... in a pointless addendum... when I were a wee carpet explorer and my mother was a meshugga machinist in the rag-trade (Simon Ewig - gentlemen's bespoke tailoring - Kingsland Road, Hackney) I would crawl amongst bobbins and tape-measures to the thrum of treadles and the dragon-hiss and clang of a steam-press named "Hoffman". Here at Songstuff now, whenever I see the name "Tunesmith", memory kicks me back a vague fragrance of vapour tinged with tailor's chalk.

Thought you might be interested to know that, Tom.

Do the Hoffman's trouser press, baby.

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