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I'm not sure if this is the right place but this is more about social skills then anything else. When writing songs with our current band I am usually the one to come up with the basic song ideas, chords and melodies. Solo's and individual parts are the things we work out together. Intro's, lyrical suggestions, I'm always glad when new things that work come in.

Now our guitarist came in with a tune and we like the melody and chords.

He wrote lyrics for the first verse quite some time ago. He's been "working" for 7 months on lyrics, but nothing new is coming. Right now there's no intro and it's mainly a verse chorus thing.

To make singing easier I wrote lyrics for the chorus. He agreed they worked well and kept them. Now the guitarist isn't happy with them anymore because they don't fit what he's feeling on the subject (relationship coming to an end). He wrote another set of lyrics (well only half of it).

Lyricwise these are probably much closer to what he's feeling, but when I see them on paper they feel like cliché's. Biggest problem I have is that some parts don't really fit the phrasing so it's a struggle to sing them right. I tried to give some suggestions to make it flow better, but he wants to keep certain words, that are in the way, because of "the message". If we try to help him to work out how they fit better I feel tension, he is like, this is my song let me do it myself. Same goes with other suggestions we make.

I am more the type to woodshed and listen for the things I like and want to keep in a song.

I would really love to see his idea become a song. Because I like the main idea I tend to add it to our woodshed shedule but it never progresses. But at this rate I think it will never become a full song. I feel that all his overcontemplating is getting in the way of the songwriting. Never had this problem with others when working on songs.

Any ideas to get him to open up a bit more? How can I help this song come to fruition without him feeling as if I am taking over? Or should I just let him do his thing and don't care it won't make it on next album or the one after that ;)?

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Oh the joys of writing as a band... lol

Honestly, not an easy one. I think the thing is that he is being possessive in a group writing environment, and he is entitled to do so as a writer, however this work has already been contaminated by other writers and he may have a hard time proving that it is his entirely were he to be taken to task.

To me this is a case of what is really important. Do you want to keep working with this guitarist? Is it important that you are involved in this song? A lot depends on what was arranged between you all as writers. if your arrangement as a group is that you all collectively write the songs, then him writing this on his own is more correctly a solo project and it shouldn't have been brought to the band as something to work on (he could have been both excited and looking for feedback and input).

If you arrangement is looser and allows for individually written songs then what's the problem? The cliches? The song doesn't match the band?

I'm thinking you all need to sit down and actually flesh out a writing agreement. It makes life easier in the long run. If both you and he know what they are and are not allowed to do, what is expected of you etc.

Just now it may be awkward, but that is because you haven't had "the chat"... if you have had it, that is a different issue altogether.



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Great advice we have made some decisions. We agreed on things. :)

We had a conversation about the specific song as well. He said he did like the lyrics I came up with but because it's such a personal thing it felt strange to use them. :whistle: ]

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