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Spotify Opens To Indie Bands

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I'm still uncertain whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

In many ways, despite being in a Spotify-free territory, I viewed their model as a glimpse of a future where downloads go the way of the CD - but now I am not so sure I like the way they operate: remember that Swedish superstar,Magnus Uggla complained that after six months he'd only earned "what a mediocre busker could earn in a day", and that after their artists had been streamed over 55,000 times Norwegian label Junior Racing had earned a staggering $3.00 in payments - yes, that's right, THREE BUCKS !!

From an artist point of view (perhaps especially for the indie sector) there seems to be something a little smelly about Spotify.


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Very good point, Lazz - with a handful of bucks for 50k streams (that seems to be the average), you might as well put it up on Pirate Bay. Everyone who points out the huge gaping hole in Spotify's 'business model' gets the 'but hey it's great publicity' treatment.


A few numbers:

Deezer pays per play $0.005 - that's 25 times greater than Spotify

Slacker pays per play $0,00224 - 11 times greater than Spotify

Last Fm pays per play $0.00766 - 39 times greater than Spotify

Lala pays per play $0.00688 - 35 times greater than Spotify

Rhapsody pays per play $0.01655 - 84 times greater than Spotify

Medianet pays per play $0.03499 - 178 times greater than Spotify

Napster pays per play $0.04296 - 218 times greater than Spotify

Source: Orchard / IODA

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now, doesn't that make us all feel valued?

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now, doesn't that make us all feel valued?

My songs are currently retailing for $0.33 on MyHitRecord, and I urge you all to go and buy one of them. Of course, the guy running the site has never actually set up any arrangement to pass the money on to me...

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