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So I'm New , :)

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Hey , I'm Melissa !

I'm 14 years old.

And I like to write.

Most of what I write isn't in the form of a song yet.

It's more venting in rhyme than anything.

But the way I do things is to write it down,

Leave it for a month, then come back to it and change it up and turn it into a song. [then record it]

So yeah, I know what everyone is gonna think..

" she's a fourteen year old wanna be "

But I'm really not. I write because it's the only way I can express my self. Not because Im hoping to grow up and be some big time "super star".

I write because it makes me happy.

And The reason behind me joining this forum, is to get advice from others that are more expierienced .

So yeah :)

There ya go.

And here is a sample of my writing.

It's not the greatest but I'm hoping for help.

Feel free to tell me it sucks if it does :P

My thoughts flow pessimistically 

And I'll admit it's intentionally

But the closest thing to me is my negativity .

It teaches me not to depend on anyone but me

Because to depend on others is to reveal your weakness.

And to reveal your weakness is to hide your strength.

But beneath the acrimony 

There's a bit of sweetness

And behind the ignorance 

Is a bit of happiness 

Cause there's only so much 

One person can take 

Before that bitter souls Gonna break apart. 

Seeking a brand new start for their heart. 

Putting behind them their past

Because their past didn't last.

Ps. This whole thing was typed on my iPod.

Sorry for any major typos.

And this was copyrighted .

*just sayin'


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Thank you very much :) !

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hey melissa.. welcome to Songstuff :)

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